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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Song: Girls, Be Ambitious

By: Miyavi

Mood: Blah/Exhausted


Mike’s sitting he2re adding numbers to 8my posts while I typ9e so excuse 4me 5if thi8s pos4t is a l3ittle weird9 in the 5begin0ning. XD5.

I can4’t 5even6 typ1e s8traight while4 he5’s 2doing th8is 8because I5’m la4ughin8g to+o 1hard to r0eally 8say a6nythin5g of impo2rtance. Ho4w is eve5ry one7 else 9doin7g 9t7h98is afternoo1n? Omg…1 XDDDD

I’m no4t 5goi6ng to4 g5fi45x6456 any of t7his pos1t beca6use it’ll 2hold m7emori6es 2of how 4ins2anely 1dumb thi6s cl5ass is a9n1d how b4ored we0 get 6whe+n *we have no1thing t5o do.

4If yo5u can ans1wer this 9next 4questi13on, I2’ll offe4r you0 he1lp1 in your nex1t lay7out!

Wh4at6’49s my 2116fav98o42r6it5e42 6465415424656k46i6d2s 6sh4o8w?!?987537eh1dh16516?????


Alright… that’s enough of the numbers. xD;

‘Twas entertaining while it lasted, ne? Not really… but oh well!

Anyway… time for me to get to work.

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