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Sunday, May 14, 2006

... I give up.
Time: 11:15 PM

Song: S

By: Dir En Grey

Mood: Content/Pissed off

puragu wo neji komi biteki . hatsujou . ka
atari wa ichimen kuroku somatte ita

suiteki ni utsutta nageki no kyanbasu
hitomi ni yakitsuku kuroi nosutarujia

karada wo mushibame
kiseichuu no you ni
kokoro wa mienai
manekin no you ni

shiroku hikatta suhada ni kuchizuke
buzama ni korogaru anata no nikukata ga...

English Lyrics

Verse 1
Are the others coming also screwed?
Waiting to hit is it a difficult one…

Verse 2
It is cute how it throws…
the hard pupil in the barrel has done it…

It is empty and spoiled!
Coming this way is the only consequence!
The heart is not visible...
...There is no way is can be….

Verse 3
The oral margin that was applied to the skin
It’s a difficult one to hit, as it rolls…

It is empty and spoiled!
Coming this way is the only consequence!
The heart is not visible...
...There is no way is can be….


Saturday was a good day for me when it comes to shopping for cosplay stuffs. As many know, I am going to be cosplaying Ryuichi Sakuma from Gravitation. Yay! Hyper-ness will ensue at A-kon as I get to carry around a pink bunny doll and toss him at people.

For the longest time I had the urge to cosplay the outfit with his striped shirt and jacket:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't the outfit just so cute?

Anyway... I cam across a small problem; I couldn't find the right damn shirt to go along with the costume. I don't have the time to sew together anything for A-kon and shopping in prep stores for a simple striped shirt for $30 is just not my thing.

While Lemony Slash, Muun Purinsesu and I were out cosplay shopping... Lemony pointed out the perfect shirt for the cosplay.

During Gravitation, Ryuichi performs a song with a frilly white shirt and some blue jeans. We found the perfect white frilly shirt at Wal-Mart. So now I'm doing this outfit:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

D'aww.... so cute, ne?


We're doing a cosplay group for A-kon. Targeted anime: Gravitation.

Lemony Slash = Hiro

Muun Purinsesu = Shuichi Shindou (Cargo shorts outfit)

Bishojo Tenshi = Shuichi Shindou (School girl outfit.)

Sethos = Eiri Yuki

Woo! :D


Anyway... *Clears throat and prepares to vent.* If you don't give a shit like my rants... then please turn your back and run off before your mind gets blown away by words. :3

I am SORRY if I don't have the fucking time to spend with anyone right now! I have things to DO and have been very busy as of later. Aside from homework (Yes, because MY school is abundant in such work to help PREPARE for College) and getting ready for try-outs (Which are NEXT fucking week!) I have tons of other shit to worry about.

Yes, I love my best friends dearly and all, but even I have my busy moments when I can't talk on the phone/do anything because I AM BUSY! Life is a busy thing for me right now since I have tons of things going on this month. Such things like:

Finishing Cosplay Outfit for A-kon

Getting ready money for A-kon

Getting my Sweet 16 ready

Going to a GSA pool party (If I even want to attend anymore.)

Captain Try-outs

Freshmen Camp

San Japan Picnic (If at all possible)

FOUR fucking projects due in ONE week

And analysis paper

Getting ready for finals (My school life is important to me)

And I'm sure there's tons of other things too!

See? I have things keeping me busy and I need to keep up with myself in order to keep myself from being overwhelmed by all of the work.

CALM YOUR ASS DOWN! And quit losing your temper with everyone... it's beginning to piss people off and make everyone feel shitty because they are trying to be responsible and get shit done that needs to be done.

*Breathes out.* e.e;;;

Seth: *Yawns.* Are you done?

*Foams at the mouth.*

Seth: ... you should go to bed before you say more.

... yes.... I should...


-Kawaii Seth<3

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