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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Sigh... a somewhat sad night.
Time: 11:10 PM

Song: Yurameki

By: Dir En Grey (Wow... a few days in a row! I'm getting back into J-rock again.)

Mood: Filled to the brim.

kaerenakute wasuretakute "yurameku" koto no nai ai wo kimi ni

ano hi kimi no hitomi kara boku wa kiete ita. mou ima sara boku ni nani ga dekiru no ka
nakikuzureru kimi wo mitsume itsumo yori tsuyoku dakishimeta ne. demo kimi wa kawaranai
kimi no ai wa mou nai no ima ni natte kizuku nante... kimi wo hontou ni baka da yo boku
kore de owari ni shiyou ka? kimi no koto wo omou to naze ka namida ga nagareteta.
kimi wo kizutsukeru nante nido to nai. dakara ima made no you itsumo kimi wo dakishimetai.
ai wo uragirisugita ne boku wa.... "mo sannen mae ni wa modorenai no ima wa..."
naze futari wa deatta no kimi ni nani wo nokoseta no?
naze futari wa deaetara sore made machitsuzukeru yo.
kaerenakute wasuretakute ima made ijou ni mou ichido
omoide sae wasuretakute aishita kokoro ga itakute
eien ni ima made ijou ni nai ai wo
eien ni futari no ai wa modoranai.

ai yori haruka ni omoi uragiri no naka de kimi wa "yurameku" koto mo naku...

English Lyrics

I cannot return, I want to forget, my love for you that will not "waver"

on that day, I vanished from your sight. now it's already too late, what can I do?
staring at you as you broke down crying, I embraced you even tighter than usual. but you won't change
how I realise it now, your love is already gone... I was truly a fool for you
shall we end it here? when I think of you, for some reason my eyes fill with tears.
I will never hurt you again. because I want to hold you close like I always did before.
I've betrayed our love too much... "now we cannot return to how we were three years ago..."
why did the two of us meet? what did I give to you?
if there's a chance we could meet again, I'll keep waiting until that time.
I cannot return, I want to forget, one more time, more than ever before
even my memories I want to forget, my heart that loved you is in pain
for all eternity, love like never before
for all eternity, our love will not return.
with my serious betrayal meaning more than my love, you will never "waver"...


Strangely enough, I had absolutely nothing to do when I got home today (Friday, of course since it's night here.) after I updated MyO for the day. I just kinda hung around on the computer, waiting for something interesting to go on.

I got so bored I finally switched yahoo screen names... so instead of: icha_icha_paradise_lover it's now:


Easy enough, ne?

After all of that, I finally downloaded Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX onto my computer. I've been wanting to do that for a while to pick up on things I want to do this summer since I'll have no life... while everyone else is seeming to get theirs already.

... heh... hell, I guess I'm just a late bloomer.


I talked to a few people on YIM and we figured out some kind of temporary to our A-kon room-age problem (Basically, it was going to cost a bit much for all of us to still room together... since we're so poor and what not.) and we're going to chat about it with Bishojo Tenshi during the picnic.

Picnic = Cosplay picnic here in San Antonio where we talk about up-coming conventions and all of that good stuff.

I won't be staying at anyone's houses after said picnic... I feel I just need some time to myself because I'm so much easier to irritate these days. That and the parents just aren't being aggreable right now.

So I figured I'll just work on my roleplay character websites and get those up and running ASAP... even though they'll all be quite rushed and turn out craptacular... at least I have one! :3;;


I really don't know what else to say. I'm just in one of those moods where I feel upset, but can't place a finger on it. I think I'm just running a little late along the crimson river (Girls, you know what I mean.) and just need to get started before my birthday this month.

Yay... I'm turning 16 on the 26th this month.

*Sigh.* Two more years... legality hits me and the responsibilities flood in to steal my life away from me. .-.

Oh wells.


*Pokes Seth.*

Seth: *Clings to his pillow.*

Awr... he misses his loverboy a lot... I wish I could help him see his "love" more than he does now; poor thing deserves it.

Seth: *Stirs in his sleep.*

*Lays in bed with Seth.*

Seth: *Clings to Kawaii and snuggles into.*


*Whispers.* Goodnight everyone... have a good weekend...

-Kawaii Seth<3

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