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Sunday, April 23, 2006

O-con Summary.
Time: 12:25 AM

Song: Just Rock N'Roll

By: Midtown

Mood: Content/Tired as hell

God I wish I could hate you for the rest of my...

You can never tell me
I shouldn't walk away
It's foolish to assume that I'll be comin back another day
And you were never right
When I was never wrong
Does truth lie in sincerity or in another sullen song?

Cos you were right then
I should have been
The one to release it
It's coming back to tease me
But I was just bored
Your pride was too strong
But can you change it
And are you willing to face it?

You can tell your story
and coat it anyway
But you will never change who your trying to play
Now your friends are falling out
They know you just don't care
They know you never did

Cos you were right then
I should have been
The one to release it
It's coming back to tease me
But I was just bored
Your pride was too strong
But can you change it
And are you willing to face it?

Cos they say always the first one
Is never as good as the next
Hey, it's just rock and roll
Even though you might think you lost it all
Cos the times they are a changin
and who can predict what's next?
Hey, you lost control
Even though you might of thought you had it all
And hey, it's just rock and roll
I'll never change, I love it just the same
I'll never change because I love it just the same

God I wish I could hate you for the rest of my life

Nothing would make me happier


Just as you requested, NaurutoBlackmail, here is your button.



I awoke pretty early in the morning and took my time getting into the restroom for my daily cleansing. I shaved (Like you needed to know that. xD) and got in the shower to wash up and what not.

Leaving the shower, I pulled on my pants and a pull-over shirt to go downstairs and get something to eat for breakfast. I had some cereal... yay. :D

I went upstairs and proceeded to get everything on as far as cosplay-wise and got a few calls from Bishojo Tenshi.

Muun Purinsesu came to pick me up.

In the car, Lemony Slash and I messed around while we were on our way to pick up Sethos.

(I'm going to quit the linking to Sethos, Bishojo, Lemony and Muun now. I'm too tired.)


We arrived at O'Connor High School where all of the fun began. We found out that there was an actual Cosplay contest going on, so we signed up to do a skit and then we proceeded to run around and stalk people.

It's amazing. I was standing there randomly when a girl from MyOtaku came up to me. Her name is Raivyn and we met over TheOtaku and exchanged phone numbers several months ago. It was so cool finally meeting her! :D

We ended up calling Cycon to ask him to come hang out with us. We also told him to bring money since he has a job and we obviously don't. XD

I met Bishojo Tenshi's friend, Paul and he's such a sweety. I love Bishojo Tenshi's friends... they're all so sweet. *Huggles Bishojo Tenshi's friends tightly.* I heart you guys.


We found out that Lemony Slash had to leave before the cosplay contest, so we were pretty sad about that. We went and just kind of hung out around the area and what not.

I met up with a guy I met at Ushicon. His name's Matt and he's a total cutey... he saw me walking and pointed at me and said, "Hey! Did you go to Ushicon?" Then I recognized him and practically tackled him.

When we were hanging out, we saw an old friend of ours... Colter. He hung out with us and he called us his "Happy People" since he was kinda bummed out when he got there. He dressed as a black mage and he was able to practically swallow us with his cloak. XD

Image hosting by Photobucket

See? XD


Sitting around, I looked up and saw Shiro. I was happy to see him and quickly got up to hug him and stuff.

Eventually, Lemony Slash had to get going and we were all sad. At this point, Muun and Sethos had gone with Cycon to go get much needed money for the spending and what not.

We sat around and then Cycon, Muun and Sethos arrived once again. Cycon's such a sweetie... for a bargain we hold with him, he bought us some stuff.

I got a "X/1999" shirt and the box set of Final Fantasy Unlimited. *Cuddles the box set.*

Seth: She seemed really happy about it.



We eventually went to the cosplay thingy and got lined up to perform. On my way to line up, Matt waved at me and I practically squealed right there. *Has a small crush on Matt.* We got up on stage and performed our skit (Which was totally improv) and exited to watch the other two skits after us. The event wasn't that big at all, but oh well.

(I would insert the video taken of the skit, but youtube isn't agreeing with Muun at the moment. So another time. Sorry, guys.)

We basically had our Alice (Bishojo Tenshi) go up to the stage and be like, "Oh, there's a rave tonight I don't have a date. Who shall I choose?" Then the Cheshire cat (Sethos) come and invite her to the rave. The March Hare (Muun Purinsesu) came up and pushed the Cheshire cat out of the way to get Alice to go with her. Then they began to fight over Alice.

The whole time they were fighting I was "prepping" myself on stage by dusting off my hat, fixing my hair and looking into a little mirror. I walked up said to Alice, "You, me... rave?" And she said, "Yes, Mad Hatter!" and we linked arms and walked off stage. XD

We sat there for about ten to fifteen minutes while the judges (One of which being the voice actor, Maichael McConaughey) voted and what not. Soon enough, everyone went quiet as they announced the tropies and awards. Of course, we didn't expect anything since we were doing the cosplay just for the fun of it.

Michael McConaughey voted us his favorite out of all of the show! *Squeals.* We felt so important and loved. We got a trophy and a Gundam. I put the trophy on display in my room while Sethos kept the Gundam.

We then went outside to pose for photos:

Image hosting by Photobucket
A sango cosplayer wanted her way with me, but Muun wouldn't have any of it. xD

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sango and Muun huggling me.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Cosplayers unite.

Image hosting by Photobucket
We're proud of our trophy.


Sethos, Muun and Cycon went out to go buy glowsticks for the dance at 7 PM while Bishojo Tenshi and I went to take our make up off. We had a discussion in the restroom and proceeded to head out of the bathroom where we met Michael McConaughey.

We thanked him for voting us his favorite and he gave us so many compliments about our costumes and how creative they were. We got pictures with him and walked with him back to the main area of the mini con.

He signed an autograph for my mom and we hugged him and went to go sit down with Paul. We talked about cosplay and soon enough, Matt joined us. Comter came and gave us putty to play with while Shiro came to say "hi" while I was flirting with Matt.

I asked for Matt's number and, much to my happiness, he requested my phone number too.

We then decided to head off to the dance.


The dance was, overall, great. I was dancing and flirting with Matt at the same time and was having a very fun time. I had to take off my platform boots in order to dance... but it was worth it.

An ex of mine ended up calling my cell phone, but I ignored them and just laughed it off as they made a big deal about me not going to the movies with them. They hurt me and I needed some time away from them to just hang with my TRUE friends.

As we were dancing to the last song (Which happened to be the "Electric Slide") Matt had to get going. I huggled him and he told me he'd call me tonight and as he left I squealed.

The dance ended and we headed outside to say goodnight to everyone.


We all hung out for a few minutes and ended up departing from each other. Muun and I stopped by Arby's to check up on our dear Lemony Slash and I think she was happy to see us.

Matt called me a few minutes ago... the main reason why this wasn't posted sooner. He's a sophomore in high school too and I'm about one month older than him. He's witty, funny and hawt. I think I may have a catch this time... *Glances around.*

Seth: *Yawns.* So that's why you were all happy today...

Of course! He's a sweetheart at that too. :3

Seth: That's good... *Yawns again.*

Go to sleep, dear. You haven't slept in a while.

Seth: These eyes bandages are so uncomfortable.

I know, but you need them to help your vision heal.

Seth: *Curls up in bed.*

*Kisses his forehead.* G'night, hun.

Seth: Goodnight...


Well, I do believe that is it. Hope all of you had a good weekend and I do apologize for not making it your sites... busy, busy.

G'night all.

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