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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back to hell... -.-
I am back in Comp Multimedia and it seems as if we've totally forgotten aboot editing films with Premiere and now we're just working on this campaigning project. (Argh I hate this teacher so much right now.) Becky and I were assigned to campaign for jewelry and we decided we want to go along with a Renaissance type jewelty.

Seth: And Egyptian as well.

Yes, Egyptian jewewlry is beautiful and all that good stuff. We didn't want to go along with "morbid" jewelry or "preppy" jewelry. We see enough of the stores selling that stuff these days anyway. I mean... I don't see enough adds for Renaissance or Egyptian-like jewelry. So that's what we had decided on.

Seth: Kawaii is also very happy to see so many comments on her posts everyday. *Smiles.*

Yes! Thanks for reminding me Seth!

Seth: It was no problem of mine.

*Hugs everyone.* I heart you so much for commenting on my posts! I'm so glad to see that my posts are being read and people lurve me. *Hrthrt.*

Seth: Kawaii... *Tugs shirt.* We must get back to work now.

Oh yeah... m'kay. Well, I'm off everyone! Don't expect to see me online for quite a while. I've got a ton o' homework for tonight for some reason and have been condemned to my desk. u.u;;

Seth: We love you all.


Kawaii Seth<3

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