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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Back! Alive and Drugged Up!!!!!!111oneonebillion
Time: 12:04 AM

Song: Robot Chicken theme!

By: Er... Robot Chicken!!! XD;

Mood: *Skreamz and flails.*

Omg! I feel totally high right now... Zappa knows why, but I won't get into details.

Lesee.... erm...

OH!!! Something REALLY funny happened on Furcadia today!

Some guy, Essentials, has this item that changed his character into a cat in a wheel chair!!! XDD

Here's the logs... I'm Ryo and he's... erm... Essentials!

You say, "Wtf?"

You say, "XD"

An Obvious Alt: o.o;

Essential: xD

You say, "Omg."

Essential holds up a cane. "You youngsters are all pitiful." D:

Ryo can't stop laughing. XD

Kanissive: [mrf... RL is calling, gotta go >.<]

An Obvious Alt: Hmm.

Essential goes 1 mile an hour. "Waaaaatch oooout!"

An Obvious Alt: You promised me triwings. =/

You say, "XDD"

Essential: Ahhh!

An Obvious Alt: I'm disappointed.

Essential: I cant stop. :O

An Obvious Alt kicks it?

Essential falls over. "MAH HIP."

You say, "XD"

An Obvious Alt: o.o

Essential: Oh lord.

An Obvious Alt kicks him as well?

Essential: OH LORD.

An Obvious Alt: Give me your money! >=3

Essential cries

Mrow: are you ok?

Essential: I guess so.

Mrow: ok

Mrow: :-)

Essential wheelchairs away!

An Obvious Alt: o.o;

Essential: Damn hills.

You say, "I just know I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night laughing about hit. []"

You say, "this*"

Essential: [Me too. xD]

You say, "XD[]"


You say, "XD"

Slash Kitt Blinks, "The wheelchair almost caught on fire"

Essential: Weird.

Essential: AHH

AzzyTheBat: what is thy bidding?

Essential spins out. :O!!!

XDDD!!!! Omg... that was too good.

Anyway... erm... I'mdonebeingreallyhypernow!!! :O

Love to all!!!!

And just for Brian...

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~* Shizou *~

"Laziness is not true bliss, but laying around on your ass all day sure is fun, isn't it?"

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