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Friday, July 22, 2005

New Keety! x)
Time: 11:00 PM

Song: The Skies Above

By: From Final Fantasy X

Mood: Happy.

Well... we finally got my cat, Matt, a play mate! His name's Ozzy and he's one hell of a lover. =3

Here's my day's story.

I had a dream that I jumped off of a building and was falling toward the ground. I'm sure everyone's had these kind of dreams before. But just as I hit the ground, I fell out of my bed and hit the floor.

So that gave me quite the scare. I even woke and said, "What the?!" really really loudly.

Having been rudely awakened by falling out of my bed, my heart was so worked up that I couldn't get back to sleep. So I stayed up and ate some Pop Tarts. x)

Later on in the day, dad came home from work and they ushered us into the Tribute to head for the ADL (Animal Defense Leaque) to find Matt a play buddy.

We got there and walked to the first room filled with bunches o' kitties and kittens that began meowing at us, wanting to be taken home.

We met our first keety. Her name was Neptune and she was a grey fat kitty about 4 years old. Now Matt's about five years old, so we were looking for a kitty around his age.

Neptune was really sweet and all, but we decided to continue looking.

Moving onto the next room filled with keeties, we met Lila, a beautiful keety with a bit of Siamese in her. She had bright blue eyes and a tabby striped tail. She was also a sweetie. But once again, we decided to move on and keep looking.

We moved into a room where the keeties were actually let out of their cages to play. Nick quickly ran to play with the kittens and mom found a female cat named Pru.

I found a cage with the names "Ozzy" and "Sharron" on the tags. Inside of the cage was a really skinny grey keety with a blue collar that said "Ozzy" on it. I urged him to come out of the cage and as soon as he did, he was crawling all over me, nuzzling me and playing with my necklace.

Ozzy was so adorable. He ran around trying to bond with everyone in the famil. He nuzzled mom, climbed all over dad, and played with Nick. Mom was REALLY considering getting Pru though.

I kept pointing out how cute Ozzy was and Nick wanted a kitten. I was bent on getting Ozzy though. Ozzy walked up to Pru and sniffed at her, but she hissed and batted at him. So that ruined Pru's chance of coming home with us. All because she may not be friendly with Matt.

We finally all decided on Ozzy because he was quite the comical keety. He's got such a cute personality. Clumsy and curious at the same time. And a year and a half old too. ^.^

So on our way out to fill out the paperwork, I saw Ozzy waiting for us at the door and he meowed when I turned around and looked at him. He really wanted to come home with us. I could tell. :3

Dad filled out all the paperwork and soon enough, I was carrying Ozzy out to the car inside the carrier. Poor thing meowed the whole way home though. ._.

We got home and introduced Matt to Ozzy, but Matt's not that enthused about Ozzy. It's all a matter of time though. Matt'll get used to Ozzy in time and then they won't be so lonely and stuff.

Ozzy is such a loving keety though. He found his way to my room, jumped up on the chair and began crawling all over me, purring and nuzzling me. I'll nuzzle him back too and he gets really happy. But Matt needs just as much attention. So I played with Matt just as much.

But Ozzy will chase anyone he sees around until they stop and sit down or pet him. Such a loving, but clumsy kitty.

Earlier, he typed a message to SD, that said: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And he even cuddled up to me attempted to wrap a paw around my waist. He's sleeping curled up on my stomach right now. *Pets Ozzy.* =3

Well... that was my day. No time for shout outs though. Sorry guys.

*Hugs for everyone!!*

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"Being shy is only the beginning of a great friendship."

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