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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Creatures to come.
Time: 11:15 PM

Song: Renegades of Funk

By: Rage Against the Machine

Mood: Stomach hurts so much that I can't generate human emotions at the moment.

Well... just like Himi up there, I made more creatures to put in my future posts!!

Like... 37 to be exact. >.>

Boredom strikes again!!!!!

Anyway... this is going to be a REALLY short post and what-not. Sorry guys, but Sethy's not feeling well... she ate some bad Squid and needs to go to the hospital tomorrow. .-.

I've been quite content lately. I actually feel like everything's back to normal for me. I mean, with Phlinx's new shift... I actually get to talk to him more often.

And I finally have myself a loving boyfriend and am surrounded by great friends everyday... what more could I want, y'know? (GASP! Sethy had a good moment!!)

Actually... talking to Phlinx yesterday, I remembered a REALLY funny thing that happened between my friend, Krakan, and I on the internet.

~* Story Time! *~

Well, one day, my friend Krakan brought home his new girlfriend for some good ol' lovin'! *Winkwinknudgenudge.*

Her name was Kisha and she was really nice. And Krakan had taken the time to tell her that all of his friends in the group are VERY mature and nice people.

Just as he had logged onto Yahoo, he IMed me and said, "Hey Seth. Kisha's here right now."

Now... being Krakan... he assumed I would be my normal self and say, "Hiya Kisha! I'm teh Seth! Nice to meet ya!"

But he had a whole other thing coming to him! Instead of saying something to back up the point that his friends were all mature.... I said:

"R U guyz gunna have hAwT secks?!?!?! D:"

Well... he blocked me while I was laughing. But later on, he learned to laugh along with me about the subject. XD!

~* End of story time *~

And... the report on my family reunion should be coming up REAL soon anyway. As soon as I quit being lazy and actually take the time to post about it.

Too lazy for shout outs, but you know I love each and every one of you!

Until the next report... Sethy is out!

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~* Darakan. *~
"Life is truly lonely ONLY if one chooses not to bond with that of the human race that surrounds them." - Quote by yours truly.

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