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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And then... my toilet asploded! O.O
Time: 11:34 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Excited.

Well... the oddest thing just happened to me about five minutes ago. xD

I had to go to the bathroom, which is normal for most human beings... I think. o.o

And then... when I liften the seat, there was already toilet paper in there! So I flushed it...

And watched in horror as the water began to fill to the top of the toilet bowl. I panicked and looked around for the plunger... but alas! No freakin' plunger! >.<

So... I did the only thing I had to do..

And made a quick dash for my parents' room.. and stood beside my dad's side of the bed... and gently whispered, "Dad!"

I was blinded as my naked father jumped out of bed like he just screamed at or scared to death.

I was like: x.x

My dad was like: W-what?

And my mom was like: Go put some clothes on!!

So... I told dad in one quick sentence, "Isawthattherewasalreadytoiletpaperinthereandflusheditandthenitoverflowed."

He got it and ushered me out to get dressed while I was emotionally scarred for life.

I stood around and waited for my dad to finish cleaning up the over flowed mess on the floor while my step mom found it quite funny.

We figured out that Nick dropped two paper towels into the toilet because there was no TP... and managed to clog the toilet without knowing it.

So... today's lessons learned.

1. NEVER use paper towels in place of Toilet paper.

2. Well... this isn't really a lesson... NEVER wake dad up while standing RIGHT beside his bed... he sleeps n3kkid. DX

*Skreamz and convulses all over the floor.*

And... still looking forward to the date tomorrow... maybe Ian's face will take away the horrid image from tonight.

~* Sweet Dreams *~ XD

Phlinx, hope you're still alive, bro.

Tol, what's up? Haven't talked to you in a while.

Newbeh, I really hope all's well for you too.

Tori, Tomorrow!!! x3

Sethos, Come back here! You're not one without the other! XDD

Tala, yes, I managed to catch that part of your question. xD

Zappa, can't wait 'til tomorrow! Alex has a surprise for you!!

Suger, yaoi forever, chika!

ClosetPervert, I didn't know you wanted to becom a VA too!

Alora, love you, sis.

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