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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Best E-mail in the World!
Time: 11:07 PM

Song: Punk Rock 101

By: Bowling For Soup

Mood: Insanely Happy!

One thing before I start!

On Furcadia... in the Dog Adoption Center.. there's a command I can type in to turn my character into a Fetus that rolls around in the little blobby egg thing! XD!!!! Screen shots will be arriving soon!

That's right everyone! The Sethish one has FINALLY found someone! X3!

It all started with one e-mail on Monday.

I was sitting in my chair talking to Sethos on the phone about how I bluntly told Brandon she has a crush on him over the phone... when I checked my e-mail.

I was a bit surprised to see my e-mail telling me I had received an e-mail from Ian, entitled "I love you".

So... I checked it. And well... he basically told me that I had more then a chance with him, it was a gurantee. And he said that if I wanted him... I could have him.

I nearly screamed and fell out of chair! Then I skittered off to go get Nick and Alex with tears of happiness in my eyes (Yes... Sethy was near tears.) and they read the e-mail and re-read it over and over before Nick squeed and Alex squealed.

Then we all hugged with Sethos over the phone! X3!!!

Then I responded, telling him I thought I was going to be the one to bring it up, but guess not.

And I said I'd love to have him!

Then he e-mailed me back, saying he was really happy and gave me plenty of kisses and I remained calm (See Kevin!!) but slightly unbelieving that all of it was happening to me. xD

And it's all because of that damned Fortune cookie that finally made me believe in Fortunes... here's the story.

~~ Father's Day ~~

After seeing Stomp, we went to Chopsticks and shoved our faces.

At the end of our fiest... we got our Fortune Cookies.

Everyone's Fortune Cookies said something on it... like a long sentence, but mine only had one word... which REALLY pissed me off.

On that little paper was the one word I hated the most at the time...


And that was it! That's all my fortune cookie said. So I asked Alex if she wanted to trade, but never did.

I guess that Fortune Cookie came back to bite me in the ass... because it's still sitting here on my desk! XD!

Well... this summer seems to be the summer of love for all of my friends! Here's the explanation...

Nick (My little brother) has a crush on Yugi's little sister.

I love Ian.

Alex loves Zappa.

Phlinx and Mint.

Tori and... well you get the picture! X3!

Well, now... with that... Sethy's out! No time for shout outs at the moment though... Sethy's still in shock. o.o

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