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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mmm... cookies... =3
Time: 11:15 PM

Song: Sakura Taisen OVA - Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan

By: Yokoyama Chisa + The Imperial Opera Group

Mood: Much bettah! <33

Well... let's see. Re-cap on my Friday...

Woke up at around 1:20 Pm... yes... the Sethish one has gotten really lazy as of late. Well... not really lazy... I still work out everyday. I dunno... my body longs for sleep. XD!

... or maybe I'm just lazy. >.>

Well... checked my e-mail, got an e-mail from Ian and was really happy with what it said.

I got everyone's orders for the Subway samwiches that Zappa is so kind to bring for dinner.

Told Zappa of the orders and what-not.

Called Ian to wish his younger brother a happy b-day. <3

I got to rip someone apart on Furcadia today! My new character, Jowls o' Crimson, is basically the embodiedment of my psychotic attitude. <3333

Here's the page that's all about Jowls.


Jowls actually got to tear apart someone who was threatening him and his little gang. 'Twas actually kind of fun. x3

And.... umz...

This is Ebil Einstein

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You will all worship him and give up all your cookies to him!!!! >=3

And.... umz....



Bye nowz!

Phlinx, thanks for talking to me, bro... I reall appreciate it.

Tala, be happy.

Wuffers, miss you.

Tori, still hoping for Saturday.

Ian, in case you're reading, worship Einstein!! *Hearts 'n stuff.*

Tol, hiya! o.o

Newbeh, umz... *Mauls with love.*

Alora, love ya's, sis!

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