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Monday, June 13, 2005

Fun With Sethos!
Time: 11:30 PM

Song: Vanilla

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Relieved

Well... I had fun staying at Sethos' house!

We were bored most of the time on Saturday, so while waiting for Kelsey to show up, we decorated some boxes!

We drew faces on the boxes, cut arm holes in them, and slits so we can see out of the box, and walked around the block as walking boxes with arms!!!

It was really funny waving at people as boxes and seeing their reactions. We took pictures though... so as soon as Sethos sends them to me, I'll post them or something.

While we were bored in Sethos' room later on, we listened to romance music.... -.-

I got really upset, but laughed and asked if we could quit it with the romance stuff. And Sethos gladly turned it off. I was tired of thinking about my own relationship problems... so yeah.

Then we watched Shrek 2 while eating a bunch of ramen! We also took out some shot glasses and used soda... though I wanted the real thing.

Sethos eventually took out some really strong alcholic drink. Tasted like bitter apple cider and was really strong. She me, Alex, and herself one shot only (damnit) and we took our shots.

With a bit of alcohol in my system, I finished watching Shrek 2 with Kelsey while Sethos and Alex caught up on stuff.

At about 1:40 AM or so, after watching an episode of Azumanga Daioh and an episode of Invader Zim, I finally left the dead tired Kelsey in the living room to join Sethos and Alex.

We sat there... completely bored while I tackled pillows and did the Cha Cha Slide 'til about 3:45 AM or so.

We retired to the room where we talked a bit... then we all fell asleep. Me against the wall, Kelsey on the air mattress, Alex next to me, and Sethos next to Alex.

Much tossing and turning later, we awoke at about 1:00 PM. We sat there debating on what to do before we grew hungry.

Migrating downstairs, we had more ramen! Woot-ness! And we watched a ghetto movie called 'The Sphere' and made fun of how physically impossible a lot of the stuff was. I'm such a realist...

Kelsey left, we finished the movie, and I decided to take a shower.

I took a nice, hot shower and then joined Alex and Sethos in the room. We sat there, bored, until my parents came to pick Alex and I up at about 6:00 PM.

We got home, and everyone was so happy for some reason. I un-packed, turned on the computer, checked my e-mail, and went to go eat dinner with the family... which wasn't so bad at all.

All went well and nice and boring. I talked to Suger for a bit and even spoke to Brian, as usual.

Then the phone rang, 'twas Wild Fire! We talked for a bit and stuff.

Then the phone beeped, signalling another incoming call. And who it was caught me by surprise big time...

It was Ian.

Letting Wild Fire go, since I hadn't spoken to Ian in quite a long time, I went back to Ian.

I was a bit quiet, still a bit hesitant to speak to Ian. Then he said that he missed me a lot and wanted to hang out more at A-kon, but was shy. Of all things... SHY?!

He said that he didn't want to bother me and stuff and turned to Yugi for comfort, then didn't realize she was hanging all over him until RIGHT after we left the pose-off on Sunday from A-kon.

We also said he missed talking to me on the phone since he's been at a camp in Arkansas this whole time. Wow...

So... I lightened up, he lightened up, and we talked until about 10:50 PM.

He was yawning a lot, so I told him to go to bed, and he listened to me.

So, I guess things are growing a bit better in between us once again. We talked about being posing buddies once again... and talked about my flexibility and how handy it is (no naughty thoughts) and stuff.

So... I guess things are growing better now. I knew things would... it wasn't just Ian bugging me... it was flat out everyone. ^.^

But all if going well once again. The drama has subsided and I can leave my little shelter and come back out and such. Woot-ness!

I'm off to bed.... I'm REALLY tired...

Phlinx, thanks for talking to me when I needed you most, bro. It really helped me out a lot. I wish we could talk more, but my parents decided to cut the internet connection at midnight every night on the weekdays. Damn parents...

Wuffers, Tala, and Tori, I miss you guys a lot. You need to come back and visit me sometime. Or kidnap Alex and I away from here to spend time with you guys. ;-;

Wild Fire (Cuz I know you're reading this), I hope we can get to know each other much better now. ^.^

Alora, I still love you to death, sis. You know that, right?

Newbeh, Erm... *Waves.* ^.^

Tol, you can IM me anytime you're bored. Even if you just wanna call me, "Sleepy Sethy" again. It's always great getting IMs from you.

Mint, I'm holding you to your promise. I wanna be better friends with you as well. *Hugs.* =3

Everyone else, I love you and good night.

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