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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

A-kon Fun! (Warning.... some ranting may occur... read at your own risk.)
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By: Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

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Well... as most of you know, I spent my weekend in Dallas at A-kon! Here's a re-cap of what all happened during those three days.

Forgive me for the typos... I'm still really tired. ^.^

~~* Thursday *~~

Thursday was spent in much suspense, since we were all waiting for A-kon to come the next day.

So to pass time, I held our Ramen Day at my house! Mike, Matt, and Joey came over and we had a Super Smash Bros. tournament and ate lots of ramen while I also fixed up Mike's Link costume.

I owned everyone with Fox McCloud once again! Shine spiking everyone to death and also pulling out random attacks when no one suspected them! Bwahah!!

Matt got me a few times with his damn Kirby though. He would eat me and jump of the edge, spitting me out, and floating back up to the ledge. Damn cotton candy reject that is Kirby!! Rawr! But I still won... ^.^

Also did the King Kong vs. Godzilla on Super Smash Bros. too. We chose the level with the sky scrapers and Joey chose Donkey Kong while Matt chose Bowser. 'Twas really funny.

The guys ended up leaving at about 6:30 PM to go home and pack and finish up revisions on their costumes for the next day.

I ran a checklist, packed everything up that I needed, Yugi showed up at my house, and my little brother, Alex, Yugi, and I all headed off to bed at around 11:00 PM that night.

~~* Friday *~~

We had meant to be out of the door and on the road by at least 9:00 AM, but we woke up at 9:00 AM and all still had to eat and shower.

We made it out the door by 10:30 AM or so. And then the long road trip began for us... I, of course, was very excited and enthusiastic. Alex was happy because it was her first convention, Yugi was being a poopy pants because she was afraid I'd ditch her and she didn't think she was going to have fun at all.

I attempted to sleep, but avast! I couldn't due to excitement... so to help me out, I listened to some techno all the way to Dallas! Occasionally saying, "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!" and dancing in my seat.

Nick had it easy though... little booger slept practically the whole way while Yugi was shaking her head at me dancing and Alex was listening to Audioslave.

We stopped at Subway on the way and I got a Chicken Bacon ranch toasted sub! Woot-ness for Subway!

Then we finally made it to Dallas. And we got lost looking for the hotel's entrance. After driving past the entrance three times, dad finally saw it after I pointed out a few random cosplayers.

We stepped out of the truck and loaded our luggage onto a bell hop and the guy escorted Nick, Alex, Yugi, and I up to our room on the 21st floor.

Waiting for the elevator, I saw Woody! I was so happy to see him again and he hugged me so tightly. I asked him is Marzgurl was there yet and he said who all he was with at the time.

I took another shower and got dressed into my Kakashi outfit. I was so excited. I wanted to find everyone! Especially Ian!

And around 5:00 PM, we headed downstairs to look around. We eventually saw Shane, Ian's little brother, and talked to him while waiting for Ian.

Nick and I got bored, so we went walking around. Then his feet started to hurt, so he asked to ride on my back. Being the sister I am, I agreed to it. And he jumped up on my back, laying his chin on my left shoulder.

Now people obviously found this too good to pass up or something, because everyone flocked to us to take pictures. I was blinded in my right eye for a bit after that. And we figured that it was a cute pose, so we continued with it.

We finally found Ian and he was happy to see me and he hugged me tightly, which a lot of people scored pictures of the Zabuza hugging the Kakashi tightly.

We walked around a bit, trying to find convention friends and stuff like that. Since the dealer's room was closed, I couldn't do any shopping, so I just went ahead and browsed around.

I finally met up with Tala and I think she ran to go get Phlinx, saying something about how everyone was looking for me. I felt so loved. x3

While waiting for Tala to come chasing after me, I went to go browse some more, hanging with Ian more. Then Yugi and Ian started to talk a lot, so I continued to look around, giving them the chance to get to know each other.

I eventually found some school friends of mine. I found Vincent, Mike, Matt, Joey, and Chris. I was happy to see Chris... because he moved to Austin and I won't be able to see him anymore. I gonna miss him so much... ;-;

Walking around with Nick on my back some more, we saw Neji and talked with him for awhile, then somehow got seperated.

I met up with Yugi and Ian again and went to say something to Ian... but Yugi dragged him away. I was a bit pissed about that... because I had to ask Ian something.

Then I found more school friends. Joe, Walter, and Crystal. And then Kevin and his friend and John happened to be around that area too. Woot-ness for meeting up with everyone so far!

I went to look at some art when Tala came back and dragged me to see Phlinx.

I felt a bit awkward when I first saw him though. Just... felt like I should be quiet or something. I don't know why... it just felt weird.

Then Ian showed up again and we all ended up going up to Phlinx's room. I forgot the reason... that's how out of it I was then. xD

I got some cool vinyl panfs from Phlinx though. They fit perfectly... thanks again, bro. I really appreciate it.

I felt even more awkward and had absolutely nothing to say to anyone inside the room. So... I decided not to be a waste of space and took Nick so we could leave the room.

As soon as I opened the door, I was startled by Tol, holding some pizza in his hand. He thought he had the wrong room, but it was the right room indeed. I guess he was just confused momentarily.

I saw Alora and Newbeh in their bondage wear and took pictures. Those costumes looked bad ass!

I got back to the main cosplay part of the hotel and hung out, getting my picture taken a bit more, then headed up to the suite to change and stuff.

I got into my fishnet and spaghetti strap, safety pinning the Chuunin vest behind my back, making it look like kinda like a mid drift in a way.

Making our ways back downstairs, I met a guy with blonde hair that was tied back. I found out his nickname was Wild Fire and he was going to set up a place for the ravers of the convention to practice before the dance.

I ran back up to the suite, everyone following this time. I stepped inside the room and Kevin, Shane, Ian, and everyone else walked in with me! It was like a mini sleep over. Everyone was sitting somewhere watching the T.V. 'Twas quite cute.

We went back downstairs and I started practicing while Yugi was teasing Ian and Nick was attempting to rave again. Alex also had her share of stringing as well.

I watched Wild Fire dance and was amazed by how graceful he was. I turned around just in time to see Yugi kiss Ian's cheek.

Feeling a bit upset, I decided to browse around. I saw Phlinx and everyone else kinda standing around. I stood by them for a bit, not really saying much again, and ended up heading back to the practice place anyway.

The dance started and we all headed inside. Everyone began raving and I watched Yugi play around with Ian some more and made my decision about my feelings.

Attempting to get my mind off of the fact that Yugi was bluntly stealing Ian away from me (And she did know how I felt about Ian and how close I was to him as friends) I ran around the dance area!

Wuffers also attempted to mouth-rape me while during the dance and totally startled me, so I landed on the floor! xD

I saw a guy watching me rave and he asked to borrow my glowsticks. I let him and he showed me what he could do. We talked for a bit and I found out his name was Robert and he gave me his sn.

I talked with him a bit more and he was getting a bit too close to me, so I said I was gonna browse around some more. And he said he needed to get going. We shook hands again and he left.

I met the yaoi farie and boy was he beautiful!!! His waist was thin and he had slim hips... he was belly dancing and even did yaoi with Pockyman. I got to grope him and hug him tightly and put glowsticks in the straps of his thong! xD!!!!

I danced about for a bit and turned around to see a guy in a Sasuke outfit nearby just standing there! (This gets kinda funny.)

Seeing this guy not dancing and stuff made me feel bad, so I asked him, "Why aren't you dancing?" and he said something about not being able to rave.

I said, "Oh c'mon! You can do it if you try! You can hang out with me!" so I grabbed his hand and ran off to where the rest of the raver ninja clan was.

I got distracted for a moment and lost the Sasuke guy. Then I saw Wild Fire and we danced together a bit.

Well... more like a battle if you will.

Then we hung out some more and he asked my age and stuff. He told me how dissapointed he was at hearing my age and flat out told me that I was hot.

So I went all happy and told him he was hot too! And we hugged and stuff.

Wild Fire (David) also joined the raving ninja clan too. Woot-ness!

Ian came to me and asked to leave his stuff in my room for the night. I said bye and hugged him tightly... he didn't really hug back though.

I watched him and he went to Yugi and hugged her for dear life it seemed. And then they kissed... so, feeling a bit upset once again, I went to go rave with my clan. Being near my nii-san always makes me feel better. ^.^

I ended up leaving the dance at about 2:30 AM, since Nick was really tired and bored too. Poor kid was discouraged to rave since many others were showing off their skills. And I thank Kevin for hanging out with him like he did. ^.^

We went to the room, I got my shower, and we all attempted to get some sleep.

~~* Saturday *~~

We woke up a little past 11:00 AM, thus missing the first Naruto photoshoot, much to our dismay.

We headed downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. I was starving since the only thing I had the previous day was cereal and that Subway sandwich. I had attempted to eat some ramen, but my stomach started to hurt, so I flushed the ramen down the toilet. Heheh... ^.^;;

Got back upstairs and got ready.

Went shopping in the Dealer's room and met up with Neji (Zappa) and he followed us around a bit.

Then Vash and BigBoss finally showed up and I hugged Vash and Boss. I was cool meeting Boss finally... since our only means of communication was through the net. xD;

Much of the Saturday was spent avoiding Yugi and Ian as much as possible while still having fun carrying Nick on my back and getting pictures.

Kevin, John, Nick, Alex, Yugi, Ian, and I sat in the video room for a bit, watching a random anime show. Then I heard some drumming outside of the room. Being the curious person I am, I ran out to examine what was going... to discover the Koda drum players!!

I ran in to get everyone and we sat and watched the Koda drummers for the longest time. It was so cool! I love Koda drums!!!

Around 5:30 PM, Neji, Alex, Nick, Yugi, and I were resting up in suite when Kevin came to the door, saying that Tala wanted me downstairs. So I got ready again and headed downstairs to find everyone.

I heard about the Naruto photoshoot from someone and decided to try to find the location. On the way there, I saw Newbeh and Alora. Said hi to them and went to head upstairs.

Met up with a female Rock Lee who had asked me about the photoshoot. I didn't know anything more than her, so she followed me around and we tried to pinpoint the location.

We took a group picture with her, Neji, Nick, Kimba (Gaara) and I posing and stuff.

We took various group shots, Nick being on my back and me crouching over a bit to avoid looking so short. So by crouching over, it looked like we were both hurt or something... so it was all good.

While everyone was taking pictures, my legs began to tremble and my back began to hurt really badly. Poor Tori was worried so worried about me during the pictures.

Eventually, the group broke up and started their own poses. We did the infamous Kakashi kissing Sakura and some people saw us, while Yugi got really mad.

Alex dragged Yugi away, thankfully... because I didn't feel like putting up with her being jealous of me kissing someone when she was very much flirting with Ian hardcore.

Ian showed up and I slapped on a smile, taking him to do the poses we had talked about.

We did the matrix pose. Me bending all the way back to avoid his cleaver. Then we stood back to back. Then I held a kunai at his throat. And then last, but not least, to surprise everyone... he acted like he was going to pick up his cleaver while I did 1,000 years of pain on him. Everyone laughed and cheered at us... it was great.

Then Phlinx, another Kakashi, and I did the Gai-sensei pose together. That was interesting.

Phlinx was a bit worried or something because he kept asking if I was doing all right.

I eventually left the group to go to the room, Neji following suit.

Got to the room, Yugi was mad.... big fucking deal.

We entered the room, me very irritated with Yugi about her being jealous that I kissed another girl. She needs to get over the fact that I'm not going to date her, and if she expects me to not have fun because of her little "crush" then she's wrong. If she can flirt with Ian, I can have fun too. (Done venting for now.)

We found out about Neji and Alex having the same likings. So... we all know what happened after that! If not, just read Neji's otaku! Let's just say that him and Alex were cuddle buddies and I didn't really care. As long as no sex happens!!!

Then we left the room to hitch an elevator. I forgot the Icha Icha book and ran back to get it. I came running out right before the elevator doors were going to shut. I ran in and everyone starting cheering for the Kakashi! I got an applause for almost being late to get the elevator. And a few fanboys hugged me.

I was reading the book and looked up when the elevator doors opened. At the same time, the elevator across from us opened and there was Phlinx reading his book in the other elevator! xD! I had to laugh at that.

Hanging out downstairs for awhile was fun. Then I ran back up to get changed.

In our rave wear, we headed back downstairs. We were practicing again with Wild Fire and Ian was talking with Yugi. Alex and Neji were glued together, and Tala was leaning on the Iruka personage.

Being the odd-one-out, I left to walk about for a bit.

Neji and Alex showed up at the Yaoi fest and we all cheered for a bit. I got to speak to Danzig and got to make an announcment about the Pose-off during the yaoi-fest. So it was all good.

During the yaoi-fest, a BigBoss walked by underneath a box! So I played drums with the box and when he took it off, I waved hyperly and said, "Hi!!" and he talked to me for a bit.

He hid in the box again and a Gryffe-like thing came and layed in Snake's lap. I cuddled with the BigBoss cosplayer as well and the Gryffe layed in my lap and I petted him and he made purring noises.

The Snake guy asked me about a girl I had seen earlier and I told him where she went. He hugged me tightly and called me the coolest person in the world and ran off.

I hugged the Gryffe and ran back to see what everyone was doing. Yugi and Ian were gone... go figure. I heard that they were talking... so I had a good laugh off of that one.

I met up with Walter and he told me of the drama they were going through. Joe got himself massively drunk and Crystal's boyfriend made out with another girl right infront of her.

I comforted them and hugged Wild Fire from behind and we talked. I met Xiero and rememberd him from the previous night.

He had remembered seeing me somewhere outside of the con and asked me where I was located. I told him San Antonio and he was blown away. He lives in SA too.

The guy had dread locks and was awesome. He finally remembered me because he had gone to see my band perform at White Rabbit downtown SA before. And we had also locked eyes for a moment at Diversions Game Room.

I showed Xiero and Wild Fire how flexible I was and they were very impressed by me. *Mwees.*

I ran back to hang out with SD and his friend John. Phlinx was a bit away talking to a really nice girl with cat ears and a black dress. She had talked to me the previous night and considered me a friend right away. Vash showed up with a box for SD and we all started to play with it.

I put the box over me and I fit inside the whole box! Not a part of me was showing. So I started to wiggle back and forth a bit.

Then Kimba showed up and she played in the box too! We played "Gaara-in-the-box" and laughed really hard.

I sang "Pop goes the weasle" while Kimba was in the box and turned the invisible crank on the box. As soon as the tune of "Pop! Goes the weasle!" came, she'd pop her head out of the box and look around. xD!! We had a blast with that and Alex and Neji found it funny.

Neji also attempted to hide in the box too. He didn't quite fit though!

I went and sat with a Sakura girl I had met at the rave on Friday night. She was sitting with Sasuke dude I met too! Then SD went and sat with us.

Then it hit me once SD said something to the Sasuke guy... the guy I had dragged around the dance floor by his hand the previous night at the dance... was Tolarin! *Falls over laughing.*

We all talked sitting in the circle for a bit, then I dragged SD to go meet my friends and stuff. We hung out until Yugi said she needed something from the room.

We attempted to get on the same elevator, but SD and I got seperated from Nick and Yugi.

We went to the dance room and helped clean the trash up and move the chairs to the back.

Then SD had to get going, so we hugged and said goodnight to each other.

The raving began and it pretty good at first. We attempted to knock the B-boys out of their break dancing circle and got some respect, but they jumped back in and we got moved out.

Then the DJ played rap... so Danzig and I sat infront of the screen with Yugi, John, and Ian. We watching the Soul Calibur fights and laughed because nothing but women were fighting each other.

After all of the rap was over, I went on and raved a bit more. Hung out with Kevin too and found a Naruto and an Ino raving around.

I hung out with them and they loved my style and said, "It's a raving Kakashi!" and it was funny the way they sounded when they said it.

Wild Fire came and caught me from behind after I was done dancing real up close to Tori and Wild Fire and I talked for the longest time while sitting down.

He was getting really cuddly and we shared the exact opinions and everything. Not to mention the fact that he was Celtic. And seventeen years old... but moving to Colorado. *Sigh.*

He told me that he had to leave at 1:45 AM and wanted to dance with me before hand. So when a good song came on, we entered the dance floor and danced real close. He had his arms around me and everything.

I bent all the way back and he stepped over me while one guy said, "Damn! These ninjas are flexible!" I laughed and stood back up.

After dancing with Wild Fire, they began to play songs from the Rock Horror Picture Show! We did the dance together and had a really great time.

I don't know how many times Wild Fire told me that he's never met someone like me before. He said I was hot, open minded, had a pure heart, and knew how to have fun safely.

I went back to the clan and hung out with Ian and Yugi some more. After a tick fight between Wild Fire and Nick, we all sat down. Wild Fire gave me a massage and I nearly passed out.

Then it was time for Wild Fire to get going. I walked with him to the back of the room to get his stuff. We hugged and he kissed the side of my mouth.

We walked out and he gave me his contact info so we can meet up again sometime. I stated about how I wasn't looking and he said he wasn't either, but it's always good to have a hot friend. I laughed and we departed.

I talked with Walter and Crystal some more about Joe getting drunk. I headed back into the dance room. While Yugi and Ian were playing together, I got even more pissed at Yugi and gave up. I knew I lost Ian to her.... but that doesn't make anything different between Yugi and I. We're still best friends and will always be best friends.

I went up and stood next to Phlinx. He said something about wondering where I was and I told him about hanging out with Wild Fire.

Then we all raved together like a real ninja clan should. I did a figure eight, brought the glowstick up my arm and let rest there. I popped the glowstick up and caught it.

Tol said something about learning the move and attempted it. He actually came really close too! *Applauds for Tol.*

I sat down for a bit and Phlinx offered me some water, which I declined. I had already gotten my hands on about five and a half cups of water that night anyway.

I introduced Alex to Phlinx and Alex was happy to finally meet Phlinx and stuff. She thought he was really cool. Whereas Yugi was afraid of Phlinx for some reason. She was afraid that he'd think of her as a fangirl or something. She has a lot to learn, I guess. xD!

I attempted to teach the figure eight to Tol. Right when he was getting it down, Pocky wanted me outside real quick.

I talked to Pocky. His friends needed a place to stay, but I had no more room, so I went back to the dance room.

Tol thought we wasn't getting it, so I did it in the shape of X's with my arms and he got it better.

He was getting it greatly and I told him all needed was to practice and maybe ask Phlinx for help every now and then.

I raved for a bit more and decided that it was time to go. 'Twas about 2:45 AM and we needed to be back to the suite at 3:00 AM anyway.

I said bye to Tori and the Sakura girl. I think I either hugged Tol or gave him a hand shake of some sort. Whatever it was, I was hoping to establish friendship between us. xD

I hugged Phlinx really tightly, happy to have gotten over that awkward feeling. He said that we had to do it again sometime and hang out more often. I agreed... I would really love to hang out with him more often. Him, Mint, Alora, Newbeh, every one of my convention friends are very special to me and I'd love to be closer to all of them.

So I got the biggest hug in the world Phlinx, feeling really happy, and got Yugi, Alex, and Nick. I made sure Ian had a room to stay in for the night, and we headed upstairs.

Ian left without saying bye to me, but he hugged Yugi and left. I turned around and said, "Bye to you too Ian!" and he said, "Sorry Kakashi-chan! Oyasumi nasai!" and ran off. *Sigh.*

We got to the room, I got a shower, and we all went to bed.

~~* Sunday *~~

We woke up around 9:00 AM, since dad wanted us awake. We got ready and headed downstairs to eat breakfast around 10:00 AM.

We talked with Wuffers' mom as she walked by us. I was dressed in normal clothes and carried my new bag with me. None of us really wanted to cosplay on sunday since we were leaving around 2:00 PM anyway.

I did some last minute shopping in the Dealer's room and hung out with SD until about 12:45. I even got a picture with him with a pimp hat on! xD! I realized that the Pose-off would be starting and freaked out when I couldn't find Nick.

I finally found him and departed from SD to head to state room 4. I was about ten minutes for the pose-off, but it was all good because Danzig didn't recognize me out of costume anyway.

I sat with Phlinx and Tol and Phlinx gave me a b-day present. I surprised him by giving him a piece of artwork I had bought just for him. I told him I would get him something in return!

I finally let Danzig know that I was there and then the unexpected happened...

I got pulled into a team pose-off with Wuffers somehow and against Tol and another person! I was so freaked out. I thought we were going to lose badly against Tol.

But I was allowing my rival-like attitude to act up and I was very much willing to accept the competition. I heard that Tol was Phlinx's rival... and considered it an honor to face the "mighty" Tolarin Skylar. xD

Wuffers and I lost the first round and won the second round. Then we got a moment to think of our last pose. Thanks goodness Phlinx had given me that b-day present!

For the last pose, Wuffer held a kunai at my throat while I bent all the way back, Matrix-like, and held the dagger at her throat as well.

The whole time Tol was doing the Space Channel Five thing, I was holding that pose. My arms were shaking and my back wanted to give out. My whole body was in so much pain.

The guys sitting near us were saying that I should let go of the pose, but I held it and endured the pain easily. Wuffers and I won the last round together. It seemed that when Flexibility is pitted again Gaming Ability, flexibility wins.

I checked the time and figured it was time to go anyway. I said bye to Tol and hugged him. Hugged Wuffers and bid farewell to Phlinx, hugging him tightly too. Sad to be leaving my brother...

I hugged Ian and he hugged back, saying bye to me. I smiled and hperly waved bye to Ian.

Neji walked with us up to the room where we found out my mom was outside of the lobby and my dad was getting the truck.

We were waiting and Neji talked about riding with us while still clinging to Alex. I saw SD again and hugged him really tightly, saying bye to him once more.

We crawled into the truck after saying bye to Neji and began our trip home.

I felt sad though. Mainly because I thought about the fun I had... and how much I was going to miss everyone. It's great talking to them on IM... but talking to them in real life is so much better...

We messed around for a bit and nodded off too. We ate at Subway once again and got home safely to play GGXX and had a bit of fun.

~~* Today *~~

Yugi went home and we cleared things up about what we felt like while at A-kon. How she hurt me and how I somehow hurt her by kissing Tori. Blegh... when people are bent on having a crush on you, it sucks!

So, we're still friends. I'm not as close to Ian anymore... but I had so much fun at A-kon though.

And now for my list!


Time with my brother

More convention friends

A fanclub

Lots of hugs

Some good poses

More memories

A sore back

More anime stuffs

A Zappa costume


About 10 pounds

A black unofficial headprotector

A close friend

A dollar

Yup... more gains then losses, I guess. =3

Phlinx, it was a lot of fun! We gotta do it again, bro.

Tala, be happy!

Tol, you're a fun guy to hang out with! Sorry for being really hyper and stuff when I met you in the dance room. ^.^;;

Newbeh, I know we didn't talk much. But hanging out in the elevator was fun, no? xD

Alora, I loved all of your costumes to death onee-san. <3

Wuffers, next time you wanna mouth-rape me... warning please!!

Neji, I hope you were happy over the weekend.

Tori, sorry I didn't see you much during A-kon. *Huggles.*

Everyone, you know I love you all to death!!

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