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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Check List: Part 2!
Time: 6:30 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Tired. @.@

Well... I was awaken early today to go shopping around the confines of San Antonio today for some last minute additions to my Kakashi costume! (In the wise words of Zabuza-kun.) Yatta!

Well... here's my other check list!

~~~~ Costume ~~~~~

Chuunin vest: Still hasn't come. Gonna revise and edit the sewn one tomorrow.

Sandles: Got 'em.

Official headprotector: Yup!

Long sleeve shirt w/ patches: Have it.

Panfs: Got 'em.

Mask: Got it from Ninjutsu class.

White stuffs for hair: Bought it today.

Bells: Check.

Hair cut: Erm... not yet.

Medical Tape: Bought two rolls today.

Kunai: Yup.

Butt pouch: Got it.

Kinai holsters: Got 'em.

Belt for the pouch: Yup.

Gloves: Had 'em.

Book: Thanks to Phlinx, yes. ^^

~~~ Cosplay skit ~~~

Skit on paper: Taking it with me.

Zabuza: Ian's got it.

Gaara: Shane's got it.

Naruto: We got the costume for my little brother today.

Haku: Our beloved Mint will take care of it. ^^

Ramen package for skit: Got it!

Ring box for skit: Yup!

~~~ Other stuff ~~~~

Fake blood: Yup! xD

Glowsticks: Yup.

Fishnet: Gotta get it from Sethos.

Vinyl pants: Er... I doubt I'll have any by A-kon.

Money: Got it.

Eight cotumes read for distribution at the con for friends: Heheh.... I have two more to go! ^.^;;;

And, um... I believe that's it! I think I'm about 99% ready for A-kon! Wewt-ness!!

Everyone, good luck getting ready! I'll see the majority of you all at A-kon!

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