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Monday, May 23, 2005

Random Filler.
Time: 9:23 PM (That's right! Not an even number this time!)

Song: Mirror

By: Gackt

Mood: Laid Back

Well... let's see. The end of the school year is on Thursday (My actual birthdate) and I get to hang out at Diversion Game room!

Hopefully, a few of my other friends will show up too. Mark, you know you're invited along with Mint too since you have the day off 'n all.


I tried out for Varsity choir today, though I'm not taking choir next year, and found out that I still would've made it AGAIN. =D

In choir today, we did the funny awards and these are the awards I received:

Most likely to be seen on an episode of COPS.

Most opinionated.

Unique hair style.

Crazy style.

Most likely to be successful in life.


Craziest interests.

Woot-ness for me! I got awards! >.>

Then we got all hyper and Liz ended up drawing a picture of the "kinky side of me".

'Twas me with a skimpy police outfit on. With blue daisy duke shorts that rode up a bit high, a un-buttoned blue mid-drift with bigger hoo-hoo's, a whip, some lube, and some hand-cuffs. xD

Man, I think my friend Ashley nearly cremed herself after seeing that. But I ruined thei dreams by saying that no one would ever catch me dead in that outfit. Kinky-ness gone. XD

Well... the b-day party is this weekend... followed by A-kon! Wewt-ness to all heavens!!

And yep... 'tis the end of my filler post.

Phlinx, hope you can make it Thursday, love ya bro.

Mint, good job with memorizing the skit! You'll be the best Haku ever.

Tala, happy-ness is gewd, sis.

Alora, onee-san... I can't wait to see you next! <3

Newbeh, I'm hoping to talk to you soon. Have a great week 'n stuff.

Everyone else, you know I love you all. *Cracks whip.* xD

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