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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fun With Guilty Gear X2!
Time: 11:17 PM

Song: Child Prey

By: Dir En Grey

Mood: Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Well... today was my friend James' birthday party and it was so much fun! I'll start from the beginning, but even though the party was from 2:30 pm to 11:00 pm, this post is still going to be a bit short. xD;

I showed up at James' apartment only thiry minutes late and Edison and Tim greeted me and what-not. I went to the back and played Super Smash Bros. Melee and wooped everyone's butts with Fox and Link.

Then I went out into the living room where we saw the beloved Naruto DVDs!! *Random cheers.*

So while all thirty people were at the swimming pool, Edison, Tim, and I stayed inside the apartment watching Naruto. Because I didn't want to swim, Edison wanted to catch up on Naruto, and Tim had never seen Naruto in the first place.

We watched all the way up to episode 120. Every time someone would walk inside, they'd be like, "Ya'll are still watching this? Yeesh..." and they'd grab whatever they wanted and leave to head back to the pool.

We enjoyed watching episode 101 and laughed at how random it was. Tim is so hooked into the series now that it's funny hearing him talk about it.

Edison tried to get me to dislike Shikamaru, but it's just impossible to dislike him. He was like, "Shika's such a whiney bitch!" and I said, "But at least he has a point with things." and the debate just continued on and on, but I eventually won.

We'd make fun of a few of the scenes and stuff like that, but we all around enjoyed ourselves.

I was taking a break the Naruto-ness and stepped outside where Tatsumi was. He was smoking... -.-

He offered me one and I declined, saying that I didn't need a cancer stick to calm me down at all.

Tatsumi went all emotional about his girlfriend breaking up with him and Jay Jay found out that I was single. It scares me a bit though because he ended up wanting my number by the end of the party. Yeesh... -.-;

After finishing Naruto episodes, we took a small break and sang Happy Birthday to James and he served the cake. I had a small piece... heheh. ^.^;

Then we watched Malice Mizer live and a great time talking about random things and making comments on their outfits. Jay Jay thought that Yuki and Mana were women though. xD

Then Daniel showed up and we went into the back and talked a bit. He was victim to heart break earlier in the year when I turned him down as a boyfriend, but all's well now.

Then we popped Guilty Gear into the X-box and proceeded to whoop the crap out of each other.

First, I kicked his butt with Sol Bad Guy. Then he kicked my butt with May. So I kicked his butt with Zappa (Firt timer. I usually suck with Zappa.). Then he kicked my butt with Chipp. So I turned around and chose Ky and whooped him. Then we both chose Eddie and I ended up winning two out of three rounds. Then I chose Dizzy and whooped him one more time.

So then we watched a bit of Gackt live and went in the back to talk a bit.

We started playing Guilty Gear again and I was whooping him with Zappa so badly... which isn't normal for me. I own with Eddie.

Then I started to suck badly and Daniel whooped me every time for awhile. I gained revenge while whooping him with Bridget. Boy was he surprised to find out that Bridget was a dude. xD

I was winning with Testament when my parents showed up to take me back home... damn.

So, here I am... about to go play Drakangard after calling Zappa at work to bug him. ^.^

Phlinx, I hope you can make it on Thursday.

Tala, sorry we haven't talked in awhile.

Tori, you better be alive! >.>

Newbeh, erm.... *Hands a cup of brain juice*?

Alora, I miss you!! <3

Zappa, I'll call you tonight.

Wuffers, keep up the practicing!

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