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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Feel Pretty! Oh, So Prettyyyyy!!!!!
Time: 6:00 PM

Song: Mein Herz Brennt

By: Rammstein

Mood: Laid back.

Well... this is the last FULL week of school for me! Woot woot! I have three half days next week.

And then Thursday is a half day, the last day of school, and...

My b-day. Yup... my b-day is May 26th. xD;;

Well... let's see. Yesterday was my very last choir concert.

Kevin, my convention friend (Most may know him as the Shikamaru from our huge Naruto cosplay group) came all the way from his home to come see my concert. And he barely knows me. xD;

I think the concert went well and all... though it is my last year in Choir, so I'm a bit upset to be leaving, but hey... gotta move on!

And in other news, BigBoss can go to A-kon!! Yay-ness! He said that we're gonna have to hang out if we somehow meet up and all that good stuff.

Just a few more days and then it's my b-day party... I hope I can handle the people. ^.^

Then after that is A-kon!! *Cheers and runs about in circles.*

We're all going to have so much fun! A weekend spent in paradise with Ramen, Ramune, Pocky, and Yan Yan... *Sighs dreamily.* And no drama!! *Squeals.*

And, yep. How was everyone else's day? >.>

Phlinx, you'll catch me sometime!

Newbeh, so glad that you're heading to A-kon with all of us. 'Tis no fun without the Newbeh.

Alora, I love ya onee-san! I miss you too. ;.;

Tala, don't let things get to you so much.

Wuffers, ah... I'm so proud of my student for the courage she has! *Pats.* ^.^

Kevin, thanks for showing up! It meant a lot to me.

Tol, even though we never talk, I still consider you a good friend. Take care, bud.

Zappa, sorry for missing your call, I was at the choir concert. ^.^;;

I love you all!!!

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