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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   Fun With Buds!
Time: 12:45 AM

Song: Mizerable

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Happiness ensues!!

Well... Wuffers and Tala came over on Friday and we had such a great time. Wuffers' mom got to know my step-mom and they may even become good friends. Woot woot!

Where do I begin? How 'bout the beginning?

I came home and began re-playing Drakan because I wanted to do much more then I had when I first beat the game.

Then Wuffers eventually showed up. Our mothers were yapping on and on, so we retreated to my room, talking and looking at cosplay pictures.

And after calling here for directions about four times, Tala finally found her way to my house and we all rejoiced in harmony! Which was me hugging her tightly! ^.^

We all just stayed in my room for a bit, looking at stuff on my computer, talking back and forth, and looking at Wuffers' cosplay pics.

We waited up in my room, got dressed in some work-out stuffs and went downstairs to rave, but realized that Wuffers' mom was STILL talking with my mom! xD;

We waited a bit longer before my mom told us that we can occupy the living room downstairs and have fun.

We turned on the techno, I stretched them out properly, and then we began.

To see where everyone was with skills, I just sort of analyzed them. Tala knew the figure eight fairly well, while Wuffers was getting it down quickly.

Keep it up Wuffers! Just remember... practice, practice, practice!!!

We raved for quite a while, Wuffers and Tala bowed down to me after witnessing some of my rave stuffs... that felt awkward. xD

Then we went into the resting area of the living room, next to the fireplace and where the two couches are.

We threw the glowsticks into the bowl of popery and made a mini camp-fire with the glowsticks. Then we just sat around talking.

Then, good news for you Tori, Wuffers says I'm a good kisser! YES!!!! Apparently, Wuffers like to kiss me, but it's all good. *Likes being a good kisser.* Get ready Tori! And we have pictures too!

Then my mom unfolded the bed out of the couch and I brought the blankets down so we could all crawl in bed around midnight or so.

We talked a bit and then Tala dozed off, we didn't really mind though because Tala had to drive home the next day anyway.

So that gave Wuffers and I the chance to bond and talk a bit more. Now are friendship bond is much better. Woot for friends!

Then Wuffers and I got cold, so we did the "buddy system" and I had my arm around her to keep warm. Then around 3:30 am or so, we finally went to bed.

That bed was not comfy for me at all! My leg went numb so many times in the night and my arm nearly fell off from my sleeping on it.

We woke up in the morning right when my mom took a picture of all of us curled up together. Aww... xD

I was really wishing that Tori was there though... I really wanted her to come, she would've had fun. Now it's my mission to make sure that Tori, Tala, Wuffers, and I will have a complete sleepover together! ^.^

We all talked downstairs, listened to music, and ate some cereal... yummy! Then we cleaned up (such mature women we are) and went upstairs to my room.

We watched some funny stuff on my computer and I went to go get a shower, while Wuffers and Tala did naughty things with my Kakashi plushie and Wuffers' Miroku plushie.

Then it was DDR time out in my livingroom!! We took lots of pictures and had a great time playing.

Then Wuffers' mom watched us for awhile after going shopping with my mom for books (they will become such good friends in the future) and she decided that it was time for her and Wuffers to leave... Noooo!!!

We eventually walked Wuffers out to her mom's vehicle and hugged tightly and bid her goodbye before she drove off.

Then the pizza guy pulled up and I made a comment about how cute the pizza guy was. =D

Tala and I ate some pizza and watched an old show called Kablam off of nicktoons and laughed a bit while we recalled the memories of watching that show as a young'n.

We played some DDR then Ian called and said he was on the way. Then he called again, saying that Kingsley and him were lost, so my dad gave him directions.

Then Ian finally showed up! When he came to the door, he got the biggest hug in the world from me. I was so happy to see him again! He showed up in his Zaubza costume. ^.^

Then we hung out in my room and watched the AMV's that I made and Ian was fairly impressed. Not sure about Tala though, but I hope she was having fun.

Then Tala had to get goin... Nooooo!!! I didn't want to see my sister leave, but she had to. So I walked her to the door, hugged her, and watched her leave.

Then she came back and knocked on the door, she'd forgotten her cell phone. xD

Then she left and Ian and I stood there. Then I said, "So... whaddya wanna do now?" and he shrugged. So we went back upstairs where I talked to his little brother Shane about A-kon.

Then we went downstairs where I showed Ian some kickass rave moves that he now loves me for.

We practiced, he learned more, then we sat in the kitchen and him and Shane ate some pizza while I drank a Light 'n Fit Smoothie.

Then we talked for a bit about how we love going cons, meeting convention friends is always great because we feel like part of a family, and new poses that we should do for A-kon.

We went and sat in the work-out area, still playing with the glowsticks and Ian showed me how fast of a learner he is. He learned the hand stall within about twenty minutes. He's going to be a great raver at A-kon in no time.

Then we went upstairs.. DDR time! We had such a blast. Around 6:00 PM, Ian said that Kingsley was going to be coming to pick him and his brother up soon. So we retreated to my room and just talked.

At 7:00 PM, we were getting a bit worried as to why Kingsley hadn't shown up yet. Then Ian couldn't remember Kingsley's cell phone number... oh, man.

So we waited and waited and around 8:00 PM, Ian used my mom's cell phone to call his home to get his mom to tell him Kingsley's number, but alas! No one was home...

So we went out into the living room and watch Whose Line is it Anyway. His brother laid on the loveseat while Ian and I shared the couch together.

We laughed and tried to get our minds off of the worry about Kingsley. We didn't know if he'd gotten into a wreck or fell asleep at his friend's house... we were just worried.

Then my parents were worried about how to get him and his brother home, but they weren't mad, just worried.

Ian and Shane ate some more pizza while I had nothing.. not that hungry. Then we went back upstairs where I pulled out some blankets for us because we got cold.

Needless to say, Ian loved my thick black blanket with the Chinese dragon on it. He reveled in its warmth. x3

Shane, the poor kid, was so tired that he nearly fell asleep on the loveseat curled up under the blanket.

I leaned on Ian a bit because we were sorta sharing one of the couch pillows to lean on and we began to America's Funniest Home Videos when his mom finally called back.

She wasn't mad at all, which was a big relief to us, and she gave Ian the number to Kingsley's cell phone and asked him to call her back after getting in touch with Kingsley.

We called Kingsley and it turned out that he was waiting for Ian to call to pick him up so that Kingsley wouldn't be interrupting something important. We pondered on that meaning for awhile. o.O

So Ian called his mom back and she wasn't mad at all. She talked to Ian and asked if he was having fun and he smiled and said yes and all that good stuff. Then Shane talked to his mom for a bit and then hung up.

We waited for Kingsley and watched AFHV some more, laughing every now and then. Then Kingsley called, saying he was out by the curb. Shane went downstairs and out the door after saying bye.

Then I helped Ian carry his stuff downstairs and helped him pack them into his bag. I asked him if he forgot anything and he said, "Nope." then I said it was a lot of fun and he can't to come back. Then we just stood there staring at each other... it felt a bit awkward.

Then he hesitantly reached for me to hug me, so I smile and hugged him tightly. I felt really happy hugging him. Kinda like when I hugged Phlinx at the Gardens... sad to be saying "goodbye" or "sayanora", but happy that I got to spend time and content knowing that I'll see him again.

Then we parted, both smiling happily. I opened the door for him and said bye as he did as well. I watched them drive away and smiled a bit.

I went back inside, happy with how well my weekend went. No drama, no depression... all was well so far. I cleaned everything up, said goodnight to my parents, and retired to my room. And guess what I saw all alone on my floor...

Ian's cabbit plushie Ken-Ohki from the Tenchi series right on my floor. Now he's sitting right here in my lap. I wonder what Ian'll say when he realizes his cabbit isn't there to cuddle with. xD;;

And that's my weekend so far... I'm bushed though. ^.^

Phlinx, I hope your weekend was just as good, bro. Love ya.

Tori, I REALLY wanted you to come. *Sobs.*

Tala, cheer up, sis.

Wuffers, all will be better soon. Don't worry about what your family will think...

Zappa, sorry for the miscommunication when you thought I was mad at you.

Minty, contact me sometime! I REALLY need to talk to you. ^.^

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