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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Eh? Oh! Erm... No Title. ^.^;
Time: 6:00 PM

Song: Vanilla

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Ready.

Well... nothing happened at schol today 'cept for the fact that I now have the highest grade in my English class!!! YATTA!!!

One of my poems also got published in this year's Literary Magazine... so that made me happy! =D

Well... it's about 23 days 'til A-kon? Wow... and about 10 more days of school for me. This is pretty awesome. ^.^

Let's see what all I have ready for A-kon...


Ramen: Yup.

Ramune: Yup.

Pocky: Yup.

Money to go out to eat with friends: Yup.

Cosplay items:

Sandals: Yup.

Pants: Yup.

Medical Tape: Pending.

Kunai Holster: Yup.

Pouch: Yup.

Silver Hair Spray: Pending.

Mask: Yup.

Kunai: Yup.

Gloves: Yup.

Long sleeve shirt: Yup.

Hitai-ate: Yup.

Vest: Waiting for arrival STILL. -.-

Icha Icha Book: Thanks to Phlinx, yup.

Extra items:

Glowsticks: Oh, yeah. xD

Cosplay skit: Yup!

Cosplay characters for the skit:

Naruto: Depends on if I get the costume ready for my brother.

Zabuza: Ian's got it.

Sasuke: (No longer need one for the cosplay.)

Haku: Possibly need one. (Anyone who's willing to be Haku in our cosplay skit for A-kon, please let me know. We need one.)

Gaara: Shane's got it covered.

Attitude: 98% Ready! ^.^

Well, yeah... not a very good post, but it took some time and will probably interest some people. xD

Phlinx, nice rules for the room. Wish I would've had rules like that for A-kon last year... oh, boy... xD Love ya, bro.

Alora, I love you so much, onee-san!

Tala, cheer up, sis. We're here for you more than you know it.

Tori, wanna show me how low you can go next time you come over? ~_^

Zappa, I'll help you with Furc next time we talk, m'kay? ^.^

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