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Monday, May 9, 2005

Ninja Skills Baby! =3
Time: 8:00 PM

Song: Shine

By: Mr. Big (Hellsing's ending theme.)

Mood: Happy.

Well.. today was the traditional Monday for my friend Brandon.

My poor friend Brandon... nothing went right for him today. xD He had three presentations due, one which he totally forgot about, the other he didn't have the rubric for, he had to host a staff meeting today, and got in trouble with his dad about a reasearch paper. *Pats poor Brandon.*

Then we went to Dance, where we worked on another dance, nothing new there. xD

Went to World Geography, where we had the weirdest substitute ever. I swear he gets mad about EVERYTHING! I went to grab some papers out of his hand, and he assumed that I "snatched" it from him. And then he began to interrogate me about being in a bad mood... which I wasn't in the first place. Weird old man... xD

Went to English, worked on MORE freakin' Romeo and Juliet. I took the second test today and am sure that I got a 110% because of the extra credit that came with memorizing Juliet's lines of "O Romeo, Romeo... blah blah blah." So, there's another good grade for me! =D

Went to lunch, nothing much happened except for me helping girl Chris to the nurse because she hurt her leg. Poor daughter of mine...

Went to Choir, where we're working on dance move stuffs for one of our songs for the last concert of the year. Maybe this concert will be fun this time! =D

Went home and found out that my key was inside my room. I had forgot it this morning before I left the house. Good goin', Seth! xD;

I knocked on the door loudly, rang the doorbell four times in a row, then listened to the loud music playing inside the house. 'Twas obvious that my mom was playing Guild Wars with really loud music and couldn't hear me... Oh, jeez...

So, after attempting to pick the front lock with a safety pin to no avail, I looked at all of my options and found only one left after checking the back doors... the window on the lower roof.

So, I crawled up the gutter on the side of the house, nearly fell twice because sandals aren't the best to climb about in, and jumped onto the lower roof infront of the window.

I nearly slid off of the roof, but clutched onto the window with one hand, swinging myself infront of the window.

I successfully picked the outside lock of the window and crawled in through the living room window. Thus, scaring the living daylights out of my step mom. xDD

I don't remember laughing so hard when my mom jumped and screamed. Then she flooded me with questions. She ended up laughing though... my dad even found it quite humorous. ^.^

I did some other stuff... and now I'm here. o.O

Phlinx, I'm glad you got your comments back, bro.


Tori, glad to hear you're feeling better. How low can you go?

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