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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Fun On Furcadia!! xDD
Time: 7:45 PM

Song: Other World [LKJ MiX]

By: Final Fantasy X song.

Mood: Jokester. xD

Today... I was on furc, and it was sooo freakin' funny!!

The staff members were all hanging out in the OOC area and were just being bored. I transformed my character into a bird and just hovered in mid-air.

Then everyone else whipped out their Gryffes, changed into eagles, and floated with me.

Then I said that I was a ceiling fan and began to spin like one. There were about five other Eagles just spin in mid-air as everyone was laughing. xD

Then Kanuhii got this idea to go raid the IC area. So, six Eagles fluttered into the IC area and attacked random wolves. xD

It was so funny seeing how puzzled the other players were as all these birds fluttered about many different wolves.

Then a few deer walked up to us and Ghostly said, "Attack the deer!" and we all fluttered about the deer. xD

'Twas such a funny scene, seeing all those birds just attack randomly. I was cracking up so hard while helping to establish the attack.

Oh, jeez... that was so much fun. xDD

I took three screen shots! Here they are!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We're all attacking. xD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Still attacking! Yess!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Never thought you'd see birds attack Deer, ne?

If you can't view the posted screen shots, please check out the first three pictures here.


Phlinx, I miss talking to ya, bro. Maybe we'll get to talk sometime this week. =D

Tala, you should have been on Furc when that happened!! xD

Tori, I'm glad to know that you're all right.

Zappa, thanks for talking to me last night. 'Twas fun. ^^

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