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Friday, May 6, 2005

Short Post For The Day!
Time: 5:40 PM

Song: Spicy Marmalade

By: Anime, Gravitation

Mood: Good! ^.^

Well... today was Friday. Things didn't start off too well because my friend James was crying for reasons I can't explain right.

I met a cool guy today named Patrick! He loves Malic Mizer, Gackt, and Dir En Grey! Woot woot! So he got my AIM offa me and will IM me soon. ^.^

Other then that, nothing else happened. Now on to great news...


Yup... he's gonna spend this weekend, next weekend, the weekend after that, the next weekend is my B-day party, and the next weekend is A-kon!!!! How lucky is that?! That's just so sugoi!

So, yup... that's about it. xDD

Phlinx, maybe you'll have to take a look at the way your site's set up when it comes to the comment part. Love ya, bro.

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