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Monday, May 2, 2005

Look Out, World! Good 'Ol Sethy's Back!!!
Time: 6:50 PM

Song: I Stand Alone Complex

By: Anime Ghost in the Shell

Mood: Great! ^.^

Yes, everyone! Teh Sethster is back and ready for action! After a long recollection of thoughts, I came to a lot of conclusions with myself... and frankly... I'm happy with what I've got.

I mean... I've got my older brother back, lots of new friends, good friends, good grades, and even though home life may not be good, I still hang in there!

Even though things may not be positive for me, I'm still going to attempt to brush it off and continue living on.

So after this recollection, the Seth-ness has crawled outta her lil' hole from vacation and is ready for the world all over again! *Grins.*

So fear not! Sethy's here again and back to normal. See? Just a little bit o' down time for the Seth-ness is all that was needed.

Now... let's got on with my day so I can bore you all to death. Bwahahaha!!! =3

Well... my morning started off with a very interesting twist. It all began with me reading Bradon's booklet about Sex Ed. You can already guess where this is going!

Well... I was reading through it and said, "I know what all these terms mean! How sad is that. Just proof that my mind lives in the gutter."

Brandon laughed a bit 'n Alex showed up. Then after me talking about different sex poses, how sex isn't really needed to survive, and many questions if someone can just choose not to be sexually active, I raised my hand in the air and screamed, "That's it! I have decided not be sexually active until after the summer time!"

The got me a lot of weird looks and Alex laughing while saying, "No comment."

Brandon and Alex attempted to change the subject, but I kept right on it! xD

So, let's just say that all day, I ran around telling random people that I have chosen not to be sexually active anymore. (Not that I was before hand. xD)

Later on in the morning, I listened to Camui Gackt with Daniel and remembered a funny memory spent with my brother long ago.

It was a memory of us messing around in a store and he had pushed me into a shelf full of soups. He was so worried, but laughed when I threw some soup at him. Boy, did we get in trouble though. xD

So, I went to Interior Design with that fun memory in my mind. Not focusing on the negative, but the good of the memory! =D

We worked on floor plans in Int. Design, which was easy with me because I took a Technology Exploration class in seventh and eighth grade where we worked on basic drafting! Woot woot!

So, I finished my assignment with ease and proceeded to help Yugi, who isn't the best at understanding complex things. She's not a very logical person, but I still love her to death as a best friend. <3

Went to IPC and found a yaoi fanfic in my bag! I remembered getting it from a friend of mine and never got around to reading it.

Since we were watching a movie about lightning, I decided to read the 26 page story... wow... I've seen some pretty detailed lemon scenes, but wow! That one would even catch a straight guy's attention!! xD

So, I headed to lunch, having finished the story. So the lunch period consisted on torturing sernior Matt with images of Man-faye in a thong and making fun of Master's fruit cup.

I also took the liberty of chasing Yugi around while reading the REALLY detailed lemon scenes from the fanfic. xDD

'Twas so funny that a friend of mine drew a picture dedicated to the scene. The picture consisted of Kakashi chasing Iruka while reading Icha Icha Paradise aloud and Iruka attempting to cover his "virgin ears". xD

Then I headed for Algebra and actually knew what I was doing for once! My Gods, what a beautiful Monday!!! =D

I passed a quiz with a 100% and understood my homework and actually stayed awake all period!!! Woot!

Then afterwards, a guy bumped into me and said, "Watch it, bitch!" and that didn't make me mad, but I did shout an insult that sounded like this...

"Feck! You crapnut booger-balled, stoopid, scarady beaver, fecking, little, tree-humping, butt-lump!!"

... xD! That got a lot of peoples' attentions. 'Tis not everyday that you see a girl such as myself scream something so random.

So, content with my insult and the people laughing about me, I walked my happy butt to choir.

In choir, we sang a bit, discussed when the solo try-outs were. I hope I get a solo... this is my last year in choir. =3

Then girl Chris, Mindy, and I made up some funny "what if..." things. Such as...

What if Sakura attempted to seduce Kakashi? How would that scene turn out?

What if they canceled Inu-Yasha? How would fangirls live?

What if Pok'emon had an episode dedicated to Paris Hilton?

And we just acted out a lot of what we think would happen in response to these what if questions. We laughed quite a bit.

Then we went outside after the dismissal bell, where I snuck up on a lot of people, using my ninja swift-ness and a Pepsi bottle! =D

After jumping everyone, I sat in the grass, leaning on Daniel (He's going to A-kon as Kazuo from Battle Royale) and listening to some techno that Matt brought.

My bus came, I hugged Daniel and everyone else and skittered off to my bus. I rode home listening to my music and actually dozed on the bus 'til Maraiah smacked me saying, "We're at your stop, baka!"

I wiped some drool off my chin and left the bus, walking about two blocks home again. Woot for walking!

Ate dinner, rice! And played with my cat for awhile. Also found out that Ian may come and visit me every weekend for the next three weekends!!! YAY!!

And now I'm here! ^.^

Phlinx, hope you get that Tol smell outta your sheets. Wouldn't want people thinking... or would you? xD

Tala, I'm here sis! Don't fade from my existence!

Alora, I loved you AMV! 'Tis better then most I've seen. Love ya, onee-san!

Tol, hope to talk to you more often.

Sethos, eject the floppy? Heheheh...

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