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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Better than yeserday...
Time: 12:40 AM

Song: Ananni Isshodaddanoni

By: Anime Gundam SEED

Mood: Excited. (Not in THAT way.)

~*Re-cap on Saturday.*~

Well... I went to Houston today to spend time with my lil step brother. We did the same 'ol same 'ol.

I woke up late today, as usual xD, and got yelled at for sleeping in. My excuse was:

"Well... I swear that I set my alarm... but when it went off, this sudden voice in my head said "Turn it off... sleep is good..." and I obliged."

My dad was pretty mad at me since noon, but I didn't really care that much.

They ate breakfast, but my stomach was acting up, so I took a bite out of my McGriddle and wrapped it back in its wrapper, not wanting it.

We drove for ten hours, me being asleep sprawled out in the back seat with my headphones on and I probably snored a bit too since I was exhausted.

Woke up just in time to throw my cap back on 'n step outta the car and walk up to the house that my lil step brother is locked in day in and day out.

I really dislike his dad and step-mom. They're way too harsh on the kid and never pay attention to him.

They're always too busy playing their little online games and/or yelling at him for getting a B or a low A.

Since they never pay attention to him, he's becom reckless and causes trouble just to get the attention... yeesh, he's such a good Naruto that it scares me.

Anyway, we showed up at his door and he immediately hugged me, stating that he missed me.

This kid looks up to me so much that it's hard to believe that I once had that same relationship with my older brother...

I patted his head and ruffled his hair a bit. Then we left to head to Katy Mills mall.

We rode in a capsule thing that made us feel like we were in space and he screamed while I was like, "Woooo hoooo!!!!"

Then we went to the arcade, I was bored, but he was having a blast just hanging out with the person he looks up to most... so I made the best of it and had fun playing DDR with him.

We then went to go see "Kung Fu Hustle" the movie and I laughed so hard that I had to pee so badly afterwards. 'Twas a great movie and I recommend it to all who love action movie spoofs.

We then went to a Chinese place called Pei Wei. Me, being starved from not eat breakfast AND lunch, devoured three whole bowls of Teryaki chiken and rice bowls. YUMMY!!!

I got into an arguement with my dad about what my fortune cookie said. It said, "Love is always the solution when you are feeling down." That upset me and I made a negative comment.

Then my dad, being the shallow person he is, said, "All teenagers think that love is stupid."

I HATE it when my stereotypes me... he barely even knows me anymore. Hell, he even forgot my age two days ago.

So, we left the place in bad moods... 'cept Nick was trying to joke around to make me laugh.

We went back to Nick's house and said our goodbye's. I really hate leaving him... I'm his older sister. And knowing that he needs an older sibling around just hurts... because I can never be there for him.

Everyone needs an older sibling around to help...

He's very excited about coming to live with us this late May. He may be moving in the day right before my b-day, May 26th.

That means he'll be there at my b-day party on the 28th at Sunken Gardens... I hope he has a blast.

We drove back home, me sprawled on the back seat sleeping with my headphones again.

We got back to San Antonio and stopped at Dairy Queen where my parents bought some fattening treats.

It amazes me how my dad can obsess about losing weight then sit on his butt all day eating... xD;

I got inside the house, fed the cat, still testy with my dad... even though he apologized and said, "I just think you shouldn't hate love so much."

.... I never said that I hated love. I just don't like how it screws me over all the time. xD

I went to check my messages and got upset....

Ian called, saying that he was in San Antonio today and was wondering if he could come and visit!!! Damn going to Houston! I missed Skylarcon AND getting to see Ian... x(

Then I got another message from a guy who called himself Kingsly. He was like, "SETH!!! It's Stevie! Kinglsy! I'm a friend of Ian... uhhh... urm... Zabuza-kun. We're in SA, girl! Where are ya?!"

And I was laughing because they both were so cute.

I got my mom's cell phone and called Ian. Kingsly picked up the phone and said, "I LOVE YOU!!!" and I laughed, talking to him for a bit. Kingly's a cool guy.

I talked to Ian and it turned out that they were 30 miles south of Austin... damnit. Called too late...

Ian was a bit upset because he didn't get to see me, but Kingsly brought up that they'll be back in SA on Saturday!! Woot woot!

So Ian's gonna come visit on Saturday. And Tala and Victoria will hopefully be there.

Can you say, "Con meet at Seth's house!"? xD

I hung up with him, talked to Sethos for awhile.

Then I had to help unload food from my dad's truck.

Then Ian called back and we talked all the way 'til midnight about what we should do at A-kon, about our personal problems, and all sorts of things.

Ian and I can talk for hours about absolutely nothing. I say it's because we're both Gemini's and love talking to the opposite sex... and he thinks so too. ^.^

Hung up with Ian, and now I'm here... bored. So I'm gonna head out of here and play some online games or something... time to catch up on EverQuest again!

Phlinx, I'm willing to share you with Tol. xD

Tala, thanks for calling me... made me think about how badly I wanted to go to Skylarcon. =/ But it was nice hearing from you.

Tori, are you doing alright, hun? I haven't talked to you in a while and I miss ya.

Tol, he may be your man, but he's my brother! Love ya Tol. =3

Zappa, thanks for talking to me last night. It helped.

Alora, sis!!! I lova you!! *Huggles.*

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