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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Skittles Are Teh Bestest! (Sum-Up of Dallas Trip)
Time: 7:00 PM

Song: The fan!

By: The beautiful artist... my fan!

Mood: Glad to be home!

Well... here we go with my weekend. Things may not be in great detail, but I'll try! Beware of typos! I just got home and I'm dead tired...


We left for Dallas at about 4 PM. Everyone was quiet for quite a while because they were either tired or just too excited to speak.

Finally, I started to talk a bit to Lizzie, which turned into me laughing and messing around with Nan's hair clippy thing that looked like an Aligator.

The sun was shining on Mr. Murphy's face and I made the hair clippy thing look like it was trying to eat Murph's eyeball. We were all cracking.

We all got pretty quiet when Murph put Mission Impossible on.. followed by Ace Ventura Pet Detective, which had me cracking because I love Jim Carey.

We stopped at a convenience store to catch some fast food. We were given 45 minutes to eat.

After eating, we got back on the bus at about 6 PM and began to leave Waco, Texas.

We watched MIB all the way to Dallas and laughed a bit. Lizzie fell asleep, Nan was listening to music, Nick was leaning on the back of my seat so I kept moving it, and Ashley was talking on the phone...

I tell you, Ashley is ALWAYS talking to her damn boyfriend on the phone. One minute she's yelling at him, the next she's crying and saying she misses him... yeesh. But Ashley's still a good friend. <3;

We got to the Amerisuites hotel at about 11:15 PM, picked up our luggage, our performance clothes, our keys, and left to our rooms.

I scheduled a wake-up call, Laura passed out on the floor, Lizzie called the bed nearest the AC, and I gave Nan the other bed.

I pulled out the pull-out bed from the couch and went to bed there.

Thirty minutes after I had fallen asleep, Mr. Murphy came to the door for a room check... boy was I so out of it. I ran into the door several times before successfully opening it.

After he checked, I was back in bed.


We awoke at 7 AM and took our showers. We left the room at about 8 AM to get from free breakfast.

I decided that I was goin' to eat a hearty breakfast so I wouldn't pass out on the stage that I knew would be VERY hot during performance. And I also wasn't going to eat our late lunch at the Galleria mall either.

We got dressed into our formal wear at about 10 AM and left for the Majestic theatre.

We arrive and everyone so nervous... except for me. I just really had to pee and Murphy wouldn't let me go to the potty. >.<

We warmed up and performed. We all thought that we sucked MAJORLY because a lot of Altos and Sopranos seemed to flat on stage... must've been the heat.

We left the theatre and went back to the hotel to get dressed for the mall at about 3 PM.

We then arrived at the mall, in comfy clothes, at about 4:30 PM and went to go have some fun.

We explored all over the place and stopped by the starbucks because I wanted some coffee to calm me down. Then the weirdest thing happened...

The person who was taking my order was Matt! My stalker from Ushi4! I looked at him funny at first and he did the same. Then the realization hit and he jumped over the counter and we hugged tightly.

We talked for awhile and I gave him a copy of our schedule for the rest of the weekend and I departed for the arcade.

At the arcade, I found the DDR and went all-out on it. Afterwards, I turned around to see a guy there. He went for a few rounds and did double. He turned around and looked at me, noticed I was watching, and started to show off.

After showing off, he turned around and smiled at me, saying, "What'd you think?" and I was like, "You're alright. I'm gonna go play Soul Calibur II." and walked away.

I came back later and played some more. He cam back too and we talked for quite a long time. I stood up and he was like, "Are you leaving?" and I nodded, stating that I was going to sit in the food court. He wished me a good time, got my sn off of me, gave me his number, and hugged me. Wow... o.o;

We got back on the busses at about 7:45 PM and left for Medieval Times. Lizzie kept telling Mr. Murphy that I was a "boy magnet" and needed to be isolated from all males in the world and Murph just laughed.

We finally got to Medieval Times at about 8:15 PM. Murph picked up the mic and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we're now at Medieval Times!" and everyone cheered. I looked out the window and pointed to a tree infront of the castle and started screaming, "Oh my god! It's a tree! A medieval tree!" and everyone laughed.

We got in to see the show, I was for the red knight and had table one right up front. Oh, joy.

The men were very good looking... this coming from someone who very rarely drools over men... but they were very good looking.

I was starving and couldn't wait to get some food. As I was waiting and watching the horses show off some tricks, the red knight came out with a rose, looking for a lady he'd like to give it to. Guess what? xD

I wasn't even paying attention until his horse walked straight infront of me. I looked at him, he kissed the flower and handed it to me and I waved and smiled. I don't know how to react in situations like that. ^.^;;

We enjoyed the show and the food, though I knew what was going to happen since I've been to Medieval Times before many times.

The red knight looked at me once, I smiled, he winked and made a kissing motion. Lizzie was going crazy and I just shrugged, enjoying the good food! x3

All throughout the show, I kept messing around and screaming things like, "Yeah! You're sexy!" and "Let us see up your skirt!" To the guys.

Toward the end, when the executioner came out and was whipping the bad guy (whose wrists were bound by ropes!) with one of the long whips, I kept saying, "Oh, baby! Whip 'im good! Tie him down and rip his clothes off! So kikeh!" xD!!

The show ended and we departed for the hotel at about 11 PM and went to bed at about 1 AM.


I awoke at 5 AM to head back to the theatre to perform my three solo UIL songs with my Tenor drum and Snare drum.

I got back to the hotel at around 6 AM and slept for another hour. We went out to the lobby to eat a good breakfast before leaving for a long day at Six Flags.

We headed through the entrance and guess who met up with us. Matt! Yay! I got to hang out with Matt the whole day throughout the theme park.

We went on almost every single ride in the whole park.

We even went on the Carousel... and when the ride started, I wrapped my arms around the pole and started screaming, "It's too fast! Oh my god! I'm scared!" and all the little kids were looking at me with big eyes.

At around 7 PM, we went to the Southern Palace where the awards would be given.... well... I guess we did alright with the choir...

We did bring back eight trophies all together with the band and choir!!!! YES!

And for the soloists... I got....

1st place, baby!!! ^.^

After the awards ceremony, I went to the arcade with Matt and Lizzie and played some DDR. Y'know that old dancing guy from the commercials?

Well they had a guy dressed as him show up for the ceremony and dance for awhile... and guess what happened while I playing DDR. He jumped up on the other mat and did his little dance. xD!

I was trying not to laugh while playing, but he was dancing so idioticly that I couldn't help it. But he told me that I had skill... really nice guy.

I poured some water all over myself and walked around wet for awhile... but it was dark outside anyway.

We stopped by this guy who had blinky lights and glowsticks! Matt bought me a headband thing with atennas that have disco balls on the top and they blink blue, green, and red really really fast! Woot!

We walked around 'til about 9:30 PM and headed back to the busses. I hugged Matt tightly and promised to meet up with him at Akon. He almost cried though... poor baby.

We drove back... everyone was so tired! We got back at about 10:30 PM and curfew wasn't 'til 11:30 PM, so a lot of people went swimming while I sat out in the lobby sipping some coffee and chatting with a lot of my guy friends from band. We were discussing the parade we'll be marching in...

We went back into the rooms at 11:30 PM and while everyone crashed, I waited for Murph to do a roomcheck. At about 1 AM, I was so close to hitting the sack when Murph came to the door. He asked if everyone was there, I answered and he left after wishing me a good night.


We awoke at about 7:23 AM... heheh.... I knew I was gonna be late for something. We hurried to take our showers, shoved food down our throats at about 8:15 AM and packed everything on the bus at 8:30 AM and left at about 9 AM.

I slept the whole way to Waco. We stopped and ate, but I passed up this meal... too tired to eat and not really in the mood.

Then we got back on the busses... I played my Sonic Adventure game on my GBA before putting some Placebo musice on and falling back asleep. I woke up once more to change out CDs... this time listening to a mixed CD of NIN, DJ Encore, etc., and slept until Murph woke me up by talking on the mic. We were in Round Rock, Texas and he told us to call our parents, asking them to meet us there at about 3:00 PM.

I asked Andra for her phone to call Ian and tell him that I was in his hometown. I caught him on his cell phone and this was our conversation.

Me: Hey!

Ian: Hey Kakashi-chan!

Me: I'm in your hometown with like, three other charter busses.

Ian: Woa... I'm right next to four charter busses that say, "Charter USA".

Me: Holy crap! What color is your car?

Ian: My mom's car is light blue.

Me: I think I see you... slow down.

Ian: Hey! Are you waving?

Me: Yeah! Hi Zabuza-kun!

Ian: I heart you!!!

Me: Awww! I'ma let you go now... I need some more sleep.

Ian: Alright... sleep well Kakashi-chan and I'll give you a call tomorrow after your guard practice.

Me: Alrighty. Bai!

Ian: Ja!

So that was pretty cool... I was happy to see him for the two minutes! x3

Then I slept for the rest of the way there. We pulled into the Warren parking lot at about 2:50 PM, I picked up my luggage and met up with my dad, who claims to have missed me a lot while they were on a cruise in Corpus. xD

Well... my trip was overall really good. I got to see two of my con friends that I love talking to and had a really good time. And I also one first place in my solos and helped bring back four trophies for the choir.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I missed you all very much!

Phlinx, take care of yourself, bro!

Tol, Zappa, Tala, Minty, Sub, and everyone else... I love you all and can't wait to see you guys sometime soon. <3

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