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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Headin' to Dallas!
Time: 5:45 PM

Song: Listening to my dad shave.

By: Uhm... my dad? xD;

Mood: Excited/Nervous/Tomatoe

Well... this is it. I'm off to Dallas tomorrow at 4:30 PM. I hope this trip is all it's cracked out to be...

I'm all packed up 'n ready for some fun at Fiesta Texas and hopefully some fun at UIL too. =/

Anyway, today, I put some flowers in the hand drying machine and when girl went to dry her hands, they flew out and she jumped. x3

Remember that, Maki? I'ma do it again too to see who else is teh victim...

Well... I'm off to go stretch... time to keep up with my flexibility!

Love you all.

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