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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Being Sore is Fun!
Time: 7:25 PM

Song: Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

By: Lost Prophets

Mood: Alright.

First... a recap of yesterday's events.

After school, Maki and I met up in the band hall and we all loaded up into a bus that would be taking us to Alamo Stadium downtown, very near Sunken Gardens.

On the way there, Maki was all excited and kept looking out the window. We sat at the way back of the bus... so whenever we hit a bump, Maki and I went flying off the seat. xD

We got to the stadium and met bunches of other guards that were pretty hyped up.

We spent a few hours learning a new routine for the band festival... the flag work was pretty easy and all... considering the kind of work that was in our half time show last fall.

We had to leave early because Mr. Herrera wanted us to... we still have no clue why we had to leave early.

On the way back, Maki and I were VERY hyper. We were talking about ducks and I started making quaking noises, she attempted to do it, but sounded like a dying duck in the process.

Then we started talking about butt itches and how Ian said, "I've had one of thems once!" during a conversation him and I had on the phone awhile back.

I looked at Maki and asked, "Have you ever let one go so hard that you felt yourself lifting off the seat?" XD!!

I attempted to fling a rubber band at Micheal, but it flew into this other girl's seat and she screamed. Maki and I just looked away, but once we looked at each other again, we started cracking.

We had gotten comfy on the seats in nearly fetal positions and talked to her friend on the phone. I was really hyper and kept making funny noises while she was on the phone.

We pulled into the driveway of the school and hit another bump once again, this time I made a farting noise. ^.^

That was our fun for the day... oh yeah! And Maki got to hug Chris and she practically melted! x3

Anyway... today was quite uneventful. I fell asleep for what I thought was five minutes, but turned out to be twenty-five minutes in IPC. Lack of sleep due to the AC being broken... u.u

I am really sore... I worked out for a while yesterday and woke up with terrible knots... more than usual... in my back, shoulders, and arms. So all day was pretty interesting with me attempting to stretch without feeling pain.

But... being sore is good for me! Makes me stronger and what-not.

I hope everyone has a special day 'n all that good stuff.

Phlinx, take good care of yourself.

Zappa, Tol, Tala, and all those other special people in my life... have great tomorrow and I'll miss all of you while I'm in Dallas suffering with UIL competitions. xP

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