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Monday, April 4, 2005

Quick note.
Time: Ergh...

Song: Uhm...

By: Wha?

Mood: .... *Hits head on the kayboard.*

I.. am.. tired! So I'll post my events for today on tomorrow's post 'cuz everyone knows that nothing interesting happens on tuesdays! x3

Have a good night everyone and don't get too worked up over Akon... it's still quite a ways away...

Phlinx - Rest well, bro.. love ya.

Minty - I hope your night is well and I hope to get to know you better.

Sub - Have a great night.

Newbeh - Hope the Shikamaru costume goes well.

Tala - Love ya, sis.

Tolarin - Uhm... g'night! xD! Thanks for talking to me the other day.. 'twas fun.

Everyone else... go to bed already and quit reading this post that is stupid to begin with! >>

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