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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Caught Up
Time: 5:55 PM

Song: My World

By: SR-71

Mood: Flustered >.<

It seems that I have caught myself up in a childish feud. I'm sorry if this seems to hurt anyone's feelings and I'm trying my best NOT to start conflicts with anyone.

I've been trying my best to help out with this whole situation, but only seem to be succeeding in pissing people off. Now tell me... what exactly makes people easy to piss off?

Here I am, trying to help, and I nearly get chewed out for my knowledge in friendship. Now believe me... I know what these people are going through when it comes to this, but no one seems to be listening. (I'm not stating any names because this is about my personal opinion, not about those who're going through this specific problem.)

Now if I were within this situation, I would leave the group. At school, I've thought about leaving the group many times because some friends have tried to bend and shape me into a "better" person. I've migrated from group to group so many times because of others trying to change me.

But if you don't want to be near your so-called "friends" anymore... just leave! Don't stand around waiting for an apology from one of them... because chances are, you will be waiting forever!

Many times, others have tried changing me to a selfish person. I am anything BUT selfish... in fact... I come last on my list of priorities!

Slimy, dirty animals

See? That's pretty much my list. I'll go about saving the world without one thought of even giving up because it's stressing me!

Now to try to change someone is like sacrilege! You can let them know their flaws and they may clean themselves up a bit, but you have to "help" them first. Point them in the general direction that they need to head. Don't just say, "This is wrong! Now fix it!" because they won't know how and they will just learn to resent you!

This whole thing has turned into something of a freakin' drama show... It's a bit tiring after this problem has been going on for quite a while.

Move on, people! You can meet new friends in the future who will treat you how you want to be treated. This may sound mean, but it's time to face the facts. Quit making a big deal out of everything and learn to force yourself on without them. And if you're just doing it for attention... then I applaud those of you who are wasting your time and pissing people off.

I, myself, hate sounding like a total bitch, but this is my journal and I feel that this post will awaken many out there who are having the same problem.

Alright... can I quit being such a bitch and go back to being happy and helpful again? ^.^;;

Sorry if this offended anyone... but remember that it's just my opinion and I am frustrated at the moment... but look! It passed! It's in the past and will remain there.

Have a nice day...

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