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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Houston Trips (Re-post)
Time: 11:05 PM

Song: Somewhat Damaged

By: Nine Inch Nails

Mood: Spaced o.o

Outfit for the day (I just feel like telling what my dress code was. xD): My bondage pants, they are baggy 'n black with neon green lacing and leather straps, my mid-drift Foamy shirt, and a fishnet underneath with my favorite Vans shoes. x3

Well... my day started off VERY shitty when I was woken up by my dad yelling at me to get my ass out of bed an hour before my alarm clock was set to go off.

So I spent an hour sitting downstairs waiting for my parents to get ready and practically falling asleep on the kitchen floor.

So began our three hour trip to Katy, Houston... I've never had a worse nap in the car within my entire life of living as of yet... except for today. I just couldn't sleep! No matter how tired I was, my body was freakin' restless.

So I listened to my CDs all the way there...

We picked up my little step brother and went to the Katy Mills Mall. Much fun ensued as we played three straight hours of DDR together.

The kid's only on light mode, but he's such an active little shit that he kept goin' and goin'. xD

'Twas good quality time between little brother and big sister indeed. He really looks up to me and can't wait to move in with us this year... and in all honesty, I can't wait for him to move in with us either. I won't be so lonely most of the time... ^.^

My parents came and dragged us out of the arcade and to the food quart where Nick (My little brother) ordered some Burger King and I devoured a plate full of Chinese food... which is a little less then what I usually eat, but the food is so damn expensive!

On our way back to the arcade, we spotted a Karoke place! Being my usual take-risk self, I ran into the new-found place, dragging my parents and my little brother with me.

Nick and I decided to to sing together... but we chose the "Random Round" which is where the DJ chooses a song at random and we sing it. It turned out that we were singing my older sister's old favorite song... N'sync's "Space Ride". Oh boy... I hate boybands. >.<

But I made the best out of it and danced around singing, "If you wanna fly, come and take a ride, take a space ride... with a cowboy, baby!" and my little brother was singing too. 'Twas very kawaii.

Obviously, we both make a good team because the audience wanted more. So we sang, "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down because Nick loves the song.

After bowing to the cheering audience and me being my dorky self while on-stage, my parents dragged us back to the arcade.. smiling the whole time at our antics.

I beat Soul Calibur II four more times with Kilik... I just LOVE Kilik. <33

Soon enough, my parents were back to drag us to Wally-world for haircuts! Yay! <3;

I got the back of my hair trimmed for spiking once again and got my eyebrows waxed... ouch, damnit! >.<

After getting our haircuts, I got permission to run to the clothing section and find some black pants for my Kakashi costume.

Mission: Find Kakashi pants that aren't too baggy, but not too clingy.... SUCCESS!!

I found my panfs and didn't have to pay for them because my dad said that he was proud of me for not being in a bad mood about him yelling at me this morning because he thought we were leaving at 7:00am... not 8:00am. So basically.. he was sucking up. x3

Time to head back to Nick's home... 'twas about 4:00 pm. We took the scenic route to look at houses for sale and laugh at the prices.

While driving in the neighborhood... we saw a house that was toilet-papered and had a whole bunch of bras hooked together from tree to tree and had plastic pink flemingos all over the yard with plastic spoons stuck all over the yard. It had signs like, "We support you!" next to the banner of bras and "Amanda's Turning 40!" all over the house.

I rolled down the window and screamed, "I like your bras! Whoooo!" and they all laughed because they were standing in the yard.

We eventually made it back to Nick's place and bid goodbye to him. Gosh, I hate leavin' the kid behind... he always looks on the verge of tears when we're about to leave. The kiddo really wants to live with us because his dad and step mom are REALLY strict and mean.

They never spend time with him and they spank him for getting B's on his report cards. >=/

I think him coming to live with us will be easier for him. Plus.. he'd have a big sister around all the time to give him the help he needs in life. And I'll do anything to make him as happy as ever... ^.^

The drive back was uneventful, except for a beautiful sunset and me trying to sleep some more... unseccessful... *Sigh.* No sleep for poor Sethy.. u.u

We got home at about 7:30 pm and I came up to my room and took a nap 'til about 8:00 pm. Then... you won't believe what happened...

For the first time in four months...

I actually...

Watched T.V.!

Wow... I actually laid down on the couch and watched some music videos and a few eps. of Azumanga Daiou, The Slayers, Fulle Metal Panic, and Pretear.

And you know what?

I enjoyed watching T.V. too... strange. I've been tired of T.V. for the longest time... but I guess it's good to have grown back to my stage of watching T.V., but it won't last long once I'm back to full vitality and begin working out again. ^.^

I've been a little out of it lately... so I haven't been working out, reading, raving, writing, or drawing... *Slaps herself.* But all will be back again soon enough.

I'm so excited about UIL and getting back into Colorguard for this parade and "Battle of the Bands". It's going to be such a challenge, but fun all in one!

Well... I best be off now. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

And nii-san... take care of yourself. Yes... you HAVE to take care of yourself to some extent... ^.^

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