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Friday, April 1, 2005

April Fools, Skipping Legally, and Cleaning Bus Floors
Time: 5:21 PM

Song: Lost in a Portrait

By: Trapt

Mood: Alright...

Today wasn't normal friday... I may come by and edit this a little later, because I'm listening to a friend talk to himself on the phone right now.. =/

I got a lot of people in april fools today! I went with the whole, "It's hard for me to say this... but I... I'm pregnant." or "You won't believe who asked me to marry him!" And I told Daniel that I was in love with his brother... xD!!

I slept in Interior Design for about fourty-five minutes today... lack of anything else to do... so sleep is always on the choices list!

IPC was frustrating because Mr. Rock wanted us to do this lab that was very confusing and then do a test, followed by homework... blegh. But I somehow managed to figure out the lab, finish the test, and finish half the homework.

Lunch time came around and I ate a subway sandwich and a powerade! WOOT! We do much actually but kid around with Cracker and calling him Mr. Pasty.

Ryan and I went up to Algebra and took our seats. We finished up our quiz and warm-ups. Well.. Mrs. Harms told us that she was going to dismiss us for C lunch because she had been practicing for the talent show all day and was really hungry.

This being april fools day, the whole freakin' class didn't believe her... but we soon found out that she was totally serious! Hells yeah!

When the C lunch bell rang, we all quietly left the classroom and went to the cafeteria where I sat with Alex, Chris (Yes, Maki... CHRIS!! xD!), Mikako, Will, Josh, Nick, Vincent, and Joe. 'Twas pretty fun.

I sat by Chris and found out that he's a really cuddly guy... he let me listen to his Gackt CD and let me lean on him because he was comfy. Don't worry Maki... I'm not interested in him. He's all yours. x3

I got to witness Chris singing to some Gackt music, Mikako and I were being a bit perverted with tater tots, ketchup, and milk, Alex was being petted by me again... I wuv you, puppy! <3

Everyone seemed to enjoy my company at lunch, though they worried that I was anorexic because I wasn't eating. But I explained that I had A lunch on A days and all was good.

I went to choir where we talked about the trip and had a free day... Jenachris, Lizzie, Nan, and Mindy were all hyper today.

Nan brought a camera and Chris (She's a girl.) had admitted to actually being in love with me... it's all good though. We took many funny pictures with Chris pinning me down, groping me, and much much more! xD!

We thought it was really funny. Chris was posing for a picture and in the back, I was raving... xD! I looked so out of place.

We also talked about going to Dallas and how funny it would be if I were to look at a guy and talk in a really deep, manly voice to him just to scare him. xD!

The bell rang and we all went outside. Nothing went well outside when I decided to talk to Yugi personally... seems like she doesn't even want to be my best friend anymore..... Oh well... I don't mind losing another best friend as long as she's happy...

On the bus ride home, I was a little upset, but Brandon got me to lighten up. I don't know how it happened... but I ended up crawling underneath all the seats and grabbing everyone ankles. xD!

The bus driver thought it was funny... so she kept making sharps turns while I was under the seats. I crawled out and stood up at the front row and everyone cheered. I was so dirty from cleaning the floors with my body.. xD

Then La'ron turned around and said, "Now come back, dude!" so I went down the other isle, scaring some people who didn't know what was going on.

When I stood up, the bus driver made a quick stop and fell over, making everyone laugh... including the bus driver. I even laughed too. Everyone had a good time with me being the main entertainment!

My bus stop arrived and everyone bid me goodbye... I'm quite the celebrity on the bus now. x3

I came home and my parents are asleep right now...

Oh yeah... I have so much going on this month! I just found out today that Mr. Herrera, the band director, wants the original Colorguard to go to the Battle of the Bands thingy in the middle of april with the winter guard. And the original colorguard was also asked to march with the band for the Battle of Flowers parade the week after TAKS testing. Now... I have to think about all I'm doing this month... hmmm...

Going to Houston tomorrow.

A Battle of the Bands rehearsal next monday at Alamo stadium from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Yeesh...

Choir UIL trip to Dallas for four days.

Maki's Sweet 16. (Chris is coming Maki!)

Subaru's b-day, if that's still going on.

TAKS Testing the week before the parade.

Battle of the Bands performance.

Parade that I'm going to invite everyone to come to so I can have some motivation to march through the blazing sun all day... which isn't a problem, but I'd like someone to cheer us on!

Going to Austin for Skylarcon... hopefully.. *Hopeful glances toward her dad's room.*

And sewing eight costumes together before Akon.

Talk about busy....

I think I'm gonna watch some Naruto eps. my friend burned for me. I've already seen them, but there's no harm in re-watching them.

Love you all!

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