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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Good Times With the Guys. x3
Time: 7:05 PM

Song: Mr. Lonely (Just for Matt.)

By: Dunno

Mood: Refreshed in a weird sorta way.

Let's see... this morning and I pressed the snooze button a total of twenty times before my dad actually came and literally dragged me outta bed. This is the day my father learned that his teenage daughter sleeps in her undergarments!! xD! *Poof.* He was outta there as soon as he got me outta bed. xD

I dragged my ass into the shower, got dried off, dressed, grabbed an apple for breakfast, and left the house for school at about 5:55 am.

We picked up Yugi and my dad dropped us off at school at about 6:20 am. This happens every morning since my bus is ALWAYS freakin' late... but I was a bit more tired this morning then usual.

After bumping into a tree, stumbling up the steps, and running into the school entrance door, I finally made it into the cafeteria where I ate my apple and slept on Yugi's shoulder 'til about 7:15 am.

Brandon came and we talked about raving while listening to one of my Trance CDs and Yugi was writing her journal.

Eventually, Matt, Josh, Ryan, Noel, Mike, and Chris showed up. Matt was ranting about how love sucked and I put my arms around him and started singing, "I'm so lonely.. Mr. Lonely.. I have nobody... to call my own!!" and he practically seethed and bit off my head. xD

Well.. I was messing with Daniel today and kept pulling up his shirt, looking through his bad, and actually peeked into his shirt and screamed out, "Nipple!" Of course... I know that Daniel (He's a senior) has a crush on me... so that made it better.

Well... Maki and I didn't work on our dance project at all today. We just listened to my techno tracks and raved the whole period in the practice rooms. I taught her the fig. 8 and she's such a fast learner! I also came up with ALOT of new moves... beware Phlinx! xD

Well... school work, blah blah blah. Slept in world geog, presented my project in English...

At lunch, I bought Matt lunch since he didn't eat breakfast. I decided to eat too since I was mumbling incoherant words to everyone... that's a bit bad, ne? So I ate and became hyper. I also kept flicking a cup at Alex and he couldn't figure out how I was doing it. Poor Alex... I love you, my puppy!!! x3

Let's see.. the rest of the day was alright. We sang some more in choir... and I practiced some more rave moves on our free time and talked about how I learned to rave with some friends.

After school, before heading to GSA, Maki, Mikako, Yugi, and I stood by the window-y area by the cafeteria. The guys were outside the window... you know what that means!

Matt kept humping the window infront of me and Joey kept smashing his face onto the window.

'Course, I was messing with the guys too and was doing my own little things. I pressed my lips to the window toward Daniel and he kissed the window, making it look like we kissed. It was so funny.

Then Josh licked the window and it looked so weird from my point of view and I cracked up. Also saw James tackle Daniel from behind... I'm going to miss those guys so much when they graduate.

The guys came in and I wrapped my arms around Chris from behind and shoved him into Maki because she was all blushy about him being there. xD

I proceeded to make them hug and screamed, "Hug orgy!" And when they hugged each other, I let go... teh perfect couple! xD

So after messing around with the guys some more and pulling up Daniel's shirt one more time... I couldn't help myself... xD! We went up to the GSA meeting. We were fifteen minutes late... so I just told Kandis that we were having a wild orgy and everyone thought it was a bit funny.

The GSA meeting went great... we were all hyper though, so we didn't get much done.

Matt sat behind me and was giving me a massage... boy did that feel great! And Alex sat down beside the desk and I started petting him... 'cuz he's my puppy. He was in heaven and I was in heaven... thanks Matt! You're the best massuer in teh world! <3

My dad picked me up from the GSA meeting and we drove home. I saw Matt and Alex driving behind us and kept waving to them. They're so nice and evil at the same time... they're also going to graduate this year... u.u

Well... that's pretty much my day all summed up.

Love you, bro! <3

And everyone else too!

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