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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not much to say today...
Time: 5:50 PM

Song: Ninja Boy

By: Less Than Jake

Mood: *Shrug.*

Well.. not much happened today... as usual. I was a bit more hyper though.. so everyone seemed happy about that.

In I interior design, I crumbled up a paper ball and called him Johnny. I was laughing really hard and throwing Johnny at random things... including myself. XD

In IPC, we had a fire drill... it only wasted time though. So I nearly didn't get to finish my lab... damn fire drills.

At lunch, I played with a banana... I'm not even gonna go there! xD

In algebra, Darryl had a liquified energy bar that looked like a certain white fluid that's part of the male category. >.>

Darryl smeared some on the side of my lips and everyone dared me to leave it there. So all throughout class, the teacher kept looking at me funny, but never said anything. We could all tell what she was thinking though... xD

She eventually found out that it was just energy stuffs when Darryl pulled out the pack and showed it to her. She was laughing a bit too.

In choir, we sight read for awhile, sang through our concert set, and got the rest the period off.

My friend Lizzie had told me that we're leaving for our choir trip to Dalla next thursday. This scared the crap out of me because I thought we were leaving firday... oh well.

So this means I won't be posting next week on thursday, friday, saturday, and possible not sunday as well. *Sigh.* Im'a miss everyone...

We got really hyper in choir and started talking about baby chickens and Kakashi. Weird duo, but funny... then I drew a picture of a baby chicken with the Konoha head band over its left eye and a mask. We call 'im Kakashi-peepers! xD!!!

We went outside, hot day it was... but I was content sitting on Matt... as usual. xD

I finished up my Wright brothers presentation that's due tomorrow... hopefully I get a good grade.

I got a tiger on my site now! And a sexy new quiz result at the bottom of my page!

You take care of yourself Phlinx! Don't wanna have to come visit you in a hospital or asylum or something... >.>

You too Tala! Eat more!!

Everyone else... have a nice day. *Wal-mart style.*

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