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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Starving's Fun! *Yay for sarcasm.*
Time: 5:38 PM

Song: Cell Phone Mania

By: DJ Masion

Mood: Wanting to do something...

Well, everyone seemed very mellow today, if only my moods wouldn't switch from person to person on a daily basis, I would've been fine.

Let's see... I nearly got into a fight with this girl this morning. I was simply asking everyone to re-direct themselves to the dance studio when this girl in my class (I don't know her name because I never cared enough to ask her.) got up into my face telling me not to order her around.

I stayed as calm as possible and responded to her bitching. She began walking away, waited until the door got in between us, and turned around, shouting, "You better watch who you're talking to!" Wow... nice surprise there. She actually waited for the door to get in between us!

I didn't pay much mind to it, but did notice that she was avoiding me quite a bit... too bad she's afraid of little 'ol me.

Maki and I signed the sheet for role-call for the substitute and ran off to skip class in the A building.

We simply sat outside the auditorium. And I showed her some rave moves. 'Twas all good...

I slept in World Geography because we were working on missing assignments... which I had none to work on.

I went to English, finished up my stupid research paper and got ready to turn it in.

Starved away at lunch time, but it was well worth giving the money to my diabetic friend who had nothing to eat or money to buy food with at the time.

I went to English, turned in my research paper with ALOT of time to spare. So grateful Mrs. Crowder gave me the rest of the period off. I headed toward the weight room...

I dressed out into my jazz pants, I really need some new ones because the current pair are WAY too clingy, and into a tank top.

I managed to max at 220 and bench at 190. This seemed awfully low to me today because I usually bench AT LEAT 200 or more. But of course, I hadn't eaten all day... so that SUCKED. The men inside the room didn't seem to mind though...

But everytime they stared at me for too long, they'd get a response close to, "What the hell are you staring at?" but in a nicer way... like, "See something you like? Well... it's not for sale."

I don't mind people hitting on me and all if I know them... but Gods those guys were so damn annoying.

I dressed out and walked to the choir room. We sang through our concert set and got the rest of the period off... I slept on the bleachers with my book over my face while everyone talked and what-not.

I sat on Matt after school and listened to his Metallica CD until my bus came. I ignored the pain in my stomach and listened to some good 'round-a-bout Techno.

Got home, fed the cat, finally ate... I had rice and a salad... yum.

And now I'm talking to Phlinx about push-ups! Woot... heheh... don't be too much of a rival, bro...

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