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Monday, March 28, 2005

Mellow Days Are Fun. x3
Time: 5:30 PM

Song: You're a God

By: Vertical Horizon

Mood: Mello. u.u

Well... today was an all-out mellow day for me. I didn't do much of anything but stand around and look bored all freakin' day.

Interior Design was just frustrating considering the fact that I'm partner's with my best friend, yes... the one who's in love with me, and she kept asking me if I'd ever consider dating.

I upset her by saying, "No. And the more you ask me, the more I just want to stay single for the rest of my entire life!" Harsh, but true. He just frustrated me to the point where I bluntly told her my feelings...

So she cried while I worked on our powerpoint project... oh the joys of attracting emotional people. Can't I ever just find someone I love with just as much passion? Yeesh...

So after Interior Design, I trotted up to IPC, where we took notes and I slept. I didn't write down anything because I already knew the info. for some reason. We then worked on a lab that everyone thought was SO freakin' hard.

How's the lab hard when everything's already given to you?! All we had to do was figure out the depth and graph it... so hard on our tiny little minds, no?

So after sleeping for a good fourty-five minutes, I headed down to the cafeteria. I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to skip lunch for the day and just read and listen to my CD player at lunch.

Everyone thought something was wrong because I wasn't being my usual jokster self. They all thought I was depressed or something. Nothing was wrong... I just felt mellow today. Didn't feel like:

Messing around
Doing work
Sleeping a lot
Thinking about Akon
Doing much of anything at all...

So after facing a very quiet lunch and everyone casting curious glances at me, I just got up and went to the library to see what kind of dirty books I could discover in our library filled with various dirty romance novels.

I read for the rest of lunch in the quiet library... actually enjoying the solitude with my romance book, and headed up to Algebra.

Algebra was as boring as ever... TAKS tests are coming up, so all we're doing is reviewing. A lot of people couldn't even remember the basics! So while Mrs. Harms went over the steps, I read more of the book.

She gave us a worksheet that was due at the end of the class period. I finished it in about ten minutes and continued reading my novel.

A guy in my class named Chris wanted to know what was wrong and he got the same answer. A big smile and a, "Nothing at all."

Heading down to choir last period was alright. Heather missed school today so I didn't have to wait for her. I met up with my best friend and she seemed happier then this morning... that's good. I only want her to be happy... not depressed over a love situation based around me.

I went to choir, sang through our concert set, and just sat around for the rest of the period because Mr. Murphy's getting ready to take the varsity choir to UIL.

While everyone talked around me, I read some more. After finishing (Yes, finishing) the book, I wrote some poetry on the thoughts that ran through my head at the time. Nothing interesting... just a boring poem.

After the bell rang, I went to the library to turn the finished book in and headed outside.

I sat on Matt and we conversed a bit about nothing important... it seemed that Matt was as mellow as usual. He's so easy to talk to... ^.^

I took my bus home, got called into work... worked for awhile, not ever thirty minutes, and Josh magically showed up to take my place. He did it to make up for me working when he got sick. I insisted on staying so he could rest up, but he literally pushed me out the door.

Getting back home, I fed my cat and worked out for a bit. I'm feeling very relaxed now... but still mellow like jello. xD

Well... that's my boring day... heheh.

I hope Phlinx had a good day in work today... wouldn't want my nii-san to be overrun by work too much now. *Tease tease.*

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