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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Recap of My Day With Bunny-chan (Victoria)
Time: 12:02 AM

Song: Forces of Gravity

By: BT

Mood: Erm... rather not say. >.>;

Well... today started off pretty interesting. Victoria got to witness my zombie-like state at about 8:00 am... yeah... I think it was around that time. Poor her... she had called to let me know that she couldn't spend the night would ask her parents to come over and visit.

Of course... having stayed up very late last night, I was so out of it when talking to her on the phone about what we were going to do about her coming over.

After that conversation, I walked back to my bed, flopped down, and curled up under my blankets... almost falling asleep as soon as I was situated.

Three phone calls later, I gave up on trying to sleep and laid in bed for about ten minutes, yawning up a storm. Finally deciding that I should get up, I grabbed the bar to latter leading to the top bunk, and threw myself out of bed and collided with the floor... gods, how stupid I am.

I made my way to my closet, pulling out some random clothes, and went off to take my shower.

I nearly fell asleep in the shower, but once the water turned cold, that chance was passed up pretty quickly.

I dried my hair, got dressed, blah blah blah..

I was hanging out in my room waiting for Victoria to call, but then heard the door bell ring. I walked downstairs and alas! Victoria stood at my door step!

I showed her around before we retired to my room. We simply just carried on random conversations about what we should do at Akon and other experiences we've had at convenetions.

I showed her some things on my computer, showed her some of my cosplay stuff, and began showing her varioud AMV's I've created. We had bunches of fun...

Zappa also gave me a call from work and Victoria and I talked to him on the phone for a bit. After confusing each other on the phone, Zappa had to depart from our conversation (after many attempts at getting me to agree to visiting him at work tomorrow) and hung up to continue his work.

Eventually, my dad called us out of the room to get read to go to Ci Ci's Pizza! Yay!

On the way there, we saw a car crash, concerning three cars. My dad made a comment about, "Look! That car got banged three-way!" And I, of course, had to make a perverted comment by saying, "Car orgy!" Thus, making Victoria laugh pretty hard.

We ate at Ci Ci's, listened to my mom's stories about her trip to San Angelo for the week, and eventually headed back home.

At home, my cat longed to be fed... this led to Victoria witnessing my "Vibrating Cat" xD! Matt, my cat, stood right infront of us and vibrated his tail like a mad cat. Victoria, upon seeing this, broke out laughing so hard.

We cracked up for quite a long while at my cat's actions before retiring back to my room to continue watching AMV's.

Then the phone rang, I picked it up and smiled really brightly, also blushing a bit as I said, "Hiya!" really loudly. Then Victoria somehow KNEW right off the bat that it was Ian... am I THAT obvious when I'm happy to hear from a good friend? >.>;

While Ian tried to remember who Victoria was, she talked on the phone with him a bit too.

Eventually, Victoria's parents showed up to take her away from our fun-ness... *Sigh.* I asked Ian to hold on for a minute and went to talk to her parents and say goodbye.

I continued my conversation with Ian for a few hours, where we talked about our b-day party bash this year that we're planning... hopefull all turns out well. And when he was first going to tell his mom about our plan, he said to her, "Hey mom... I need to talk to you about something when I get off the phone." and she asked if we were going to get married! *Blush.* xD!

It turns out that his mom thinks that combining our b-day parties is a good idea and my step-mom thinks it sounds like a fun idea too! Me and Ian are so win when it comes to this!

When I was downstairs talking to Ian, I laughed really hard because our conversation went a lot like this:

Ian: Yeah... we should go out to a restraunt in our costumes during Akon.

Me: Yeah! That'd be awesome.

Ian: Yeah, then we could- Oh my gosh!

Me: What's wrong? o.o;

Ian: My underwear's on backward!

Me: wtf? xD

Yeah... that was pretty interesting. We continued talking about random things and what-not. Then this weird guy called him, this guy's a friend of Ian's ex and Ian hates talking to him.

Ian explained that whenever he talked to the guy, he starts to shake badly. After being shaken up for a quite awhile and me trying to cheer him up, he said, "I need a hug...." and I said, "Awww... hug!" and he was happier.

He was still a bit shaken up when he told me that he needed to go and lighten up. Me, of course, being worried about him, told him that I was here for him and I looked at him as more then a con friend... I looked at him as an actual close friend.

He was very grateful for it and told me goodnight before hanging up. I hope he's doing alright...

I got called into work for quite awhile because Josh got sick and had to go home... that sucked so badly.

I was bored at work at the longest time, treating customer's and all that stuff... I really don't wanna talk about what else happened at work. I plan on quiting soon anyway since the boss won't do shit about anything I tell him about... >.<

Then I called Zappa once I got home and talked to him for a long time. We talked about totally random things, but it was nice not being bored and talking to another SA boardie.

After hanging up with him, I worked on the Legato costume for my friend for awhile and got a pretty good start on it.

Now here I am. x3

So.. that's about it for my saturday. Hope everyone had a decent saturday and all...

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