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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Site Update!
Time: 2:04 am

Song: Rise and Fall

By: Sting

Mood: Dead...

Well.. out of sheer boredom and realization that I will have nothing to say in today's post because I don't plan on doing much later today... I have taken the time to change my site a bit!

As you can see above, I've decided to post my animated avi. of Kakashi with his scarf simply being bored. It took forever to piece everything together for that icon, 'tis a shame I may change the avi. again pretty soon. I'm not really satisfied with it for some reason... oh well. Stupid picky 'ol self! xD;

As for the song, it's called "Living On Video" by my old favorite artist, Trans-X. 'Tis a very good song out of Midi file as well, so I recommend it to all who love listening to the midi by itself.

I used to listen to Trans-X all the time as a young'n. They were the ones who got me into techno in the first place... heheh.

I changed out my quiz results down at the bottom of this page. I now have my Kanji word, my ninja level, and what color my heart is. The quizzes were very accurate and fun to take! So if you wanna take the quizzes, feel free to do so. I won't blame ya for copying me...

Or will I? xD

I thought of changing the color scheme, but a lot of the other's I asked said that they love the colors the way they were, so the colors will stay the same! Yay!

Erm... well... I plan on putting a banner up toward the top of the page of Kakashi reading 'is famous book, but we'll have to see how things turn out. I'm going to be pretty busy this week, so I won't have a lot of time to tinker about on my computer...

Well... I'm really close to hitting the keyboard with my head, so I think I better be off to bed. I think it's calling me anyway. xD

I hope everyone has a great weekend and can live without my presence for a while... I may not be logged on at all tomorrow. But we'll have to see.

I hope you slept well and had a good day Phlinx... take care of yourself bro... you're starting to worry me a bit.

Zappa, I can't wait for ya to give me a call. We're SA con buddies who deserve to meet up sometime. x3

Tala and Sub, I hope you two had fun and at least got SOME sleep. Love you both. <3

Everyone else... lemme alone...

Just kidding! You know I love you all and hope you have a great Easter and if you don't celebrate Easter like I, then have a good damn sunday! xP

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