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Friday, March 25, 2005

Smiles Everyone!! SMILESSSS!!!!!
Time: 3:50 pm

Song: Simply Being Loved

By: BT (Woot!)

Mood: Erm... undecided? o.o;

Well... today I went bowling with my dad. Can you say "owned"? Heheh... that's right.. my dad whooped my butt in bowling so badly. xD;

I managed to sleep at my friend Joe's house last night though. He was feeling a tad bit suicidal and had logged offa IM without telling me. Being worried, I dragged my tired ass to his house at about 3:30 am.

What a weird morning it was... I didn't worry much about my dad finding out that I snuck out of the house, I was just worried about Joe's safety.

I took the ditch toward Joe's house, being a bit cautious because as Phlinx told me, I can never be sure about how many creeps roam the terrain at night.

After tripping a few times, landing on my butt, and falling into a puddle (who'd of thought I was THAT bloody tired?) I finally exited the ditch, walked up to Joe's house, and just walked in.

Joe's mother wasn't home, as I expected... she's never home anymore. And his brother was passed out on the couch, obviously a bit drunk... if only I had a marker then. xD;

I climbed the stairs and entered Joe's room without knocking. He was standing by his window and thought I was his brother. He told me to go away, but nearly jumped out of his pants when he heard my voice.

I sat with him in his room, listening to him talk and comforted him when cried as best as I could. All seemed like a hellish depressed abyss 'til I attempted to stand up and tripped over myself. xD!

Joe started to laugh really hard at me and I laughed along with him. I spent the rest of the remaining night as his house, making him laugh with various experiences and stories I've heard.

He managed to fall asleep on his bed when I was telling him my famous "On today's new, toothpicks have sprouted from my wallet and have began to eat other peoples' floors and spackle...." It's a news thingy I do where I make it up as I go and throw random things into it to make others laugh.

After noticing that he fell asleep, I tried to pick myself up, but my body being wasted from the lack of sleep for three days in a row... I couldn't really do it. I looked back on the three days I stayed up talking to Joe and trying to help him out and actually smiled when I realized how much better he's been looking since he now knows that I'm here for him...

Eventually, I fell asleep on his floor at about 6:00am. Waking up at 8:34 am, I picked myself up on shaky legs, covered Joe up and left his room.

Walking down the stairs, his older brother opened his eyes and said, "What the hell are you doing here, you bitch?"

...... The bloody nerve...

I simply stared at him and said bluntly, "You should be very happy that I'm too tired to deal with the likes of you. I used to respect you until you threw your life out the door... how dishonorable. Dirty pig..." He didn't really respond. xD;;

I walked back through the ditch, surprised at finding no one there to make cat calls or just some stoner's hanging out. That made my life so much easier...

I quietly opened my door, took off my slippers, and walked up the stairs, into my room, and flopped down on my bed. I fell asleep dreamless and was thrown into the real world by my body colliding with the floor. >.<;

Dad popped his head in and asked if all was well... I groaned to signal I was alive and he laughed and told me that we were going bowling today.

I got my shower, ate some Golden Grahams... mmmm!! And then we left.

I hurt my ankle while bowling, but it was all worth it just to hang out with my dad again... we never really spend time anymore. *Shrug.*

Well... that's about it for today, guess. I'm gonna try and talk out this plan of combining Ian's b-day party with mine in late May this year. Hopefully this works out!

I hope everyone has gotten a few laughs outta this post. Smile, damnit!! Or I'll sick my toothpicks on you and they'll eet your insides!! Bwahahah! *Cough.* o.O;

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