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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ravin' In The Hallways!!
Time: 6:41 pm

Song: Hardcore Trance MiX

By: DJ Encore

Mood: Devilish >=)

Well, all seemed well yet again today. I just now found out that we have friday off! Woot for no school... now if only I could somehow escape spending the day with my dad... which I know won't turn out very well at all. o.o;

This morning, I spent the whole morning talking to my guys Matt, Chris, Josh, Mike, Jesse, Joey, Noel, and Ryan. I love them all so much!

We ran around on the pavement driving people nuts by tackling each other randomly into different couples (But not enough to hurt anyone, thankfully.) and singing and/or quoting various different movies.

Soon enough, the bell sounded as Matt and I were contuing a very perverted game of "Finish Their Sentence". It went along the lines of:

Mike: Once upon a time, there was a naked chick...

Matt: Who have very nice...

Me: Donuts! Noel...

Josh: Loved to eat those donuts day and night. This is why...

Noel: He is such a pimp! Then Seth...

Ryan: Took off her clothes to reveal..

Mike: A lollipop! Then she...

Matt: Pulled a very long, battery-operated object out of her pocket. This object turned out to be...

Me: A pen with a built-in radio!

Matt: Damnit.. >.<

*Bell rings.* xD;

After hugging the guys and gathering Yugi up to walk to Interior design, I nearly tripped in the hallway and landed on a guy. Boy was that a bit embarassing... But I just said, "Hiya! Bye!" and ran off.

After rotting away in Interior Design (Which I got thrown into after my semester of colorguard due to lack of anywhere esle to put me) we were finally set free to our next class.

I walked all the up to the third floor, but felt a bit drowsy, so took my time. I ended up walking into class three minutes late. Without thinking, I told the teacher, "I really don't know why I'm late. I've been walking at a constant pace this whole time and no one really stopped me to talk." He just asked me to sit down. xD

Two worksheets and one quiz later, I was left with thirty minutes to mess around. Blake was babbling on and about "kicking other peoples' asses and being stupid because he's so proud about it" and Sean was overyly annoyed.

Blake is a guy in two of my classes who can't seem to get the hint that he's way too annoying.

So I bluntly told Blake, "Blake... go find someone else to annoy please." and he just smiled and said, "See? She's so mean to me." like anyone cares. Obviously he loves the verbal abuse since he smiled about it.

After class took me to lunch! Whooo! I wasn't feeling very hungry, but I still stood in line with Master (Ryan) for awhile. Until someone walked through the door that leads to the outside patio area. That's when I saw them... four guys outside stringing and raving. I was in awe.

After telling Ryan that I'll be right back, I went outside to watch them. They saw me and tried to bust out their best moves. I asked one for his glowsticks and showed them some of my stuff. They all loved me and asked for my name and what-not. x3

These guys were so nice, the called me the raving Goddess... heheh. *Blush.*

I left the raving clan to sit with my friends for the rest of lunch where we conversed about microwaves, baby chickens, dipping things in soup, and much much more... don't ask... we're just random like that. >.>

Upon looking at the clock and realizing that we only had five minutes left, we began heading to our next classes to escape the crowd that was soon to follow from the cafeteria.

Getting to the second floor, we witnessed Matt running down the hall in his Itachi cloak and my friend Juan spanking a girl really hard. Talk about random. I couldn't stop laughing at Matt though... it was that funny.

Getting to the third floor, we parted ways and Master and I walked to Algebra.

Ms. Harms had a dancing Easter bunny on the desk infront of mine and it would sing, dance and hop if you pressed its paw. Darryl (A big asshole jock) kept pressing it. Master and I thought it was funny at first because we began dancing like little children to the song and hopping whenever it hopped.

Today was the second day for us to finish our benchmark tests. I finished mine the first day... so what did I do for an hour and fourty-five minutes? I slept hard and slept long. xD;

Chris told me that he threw a paper ball at me and I didn't move when it hit me. He said it scared him a bit. He thought I was dead until he passed my desk and witnessed me drooling all over my bag.

After being shaken awake by Ryan, I headed downstairs to the choir room. Mr. Murphy talked to us about our trip to Dallas in april and that was it. He was feelin' like crap today and gave us the day off.

Being the troublemaker that I am, I left class and roamed the hallways. I heard some music coming from the auditorium and decided to enter it.

It seems that they had brought the middle schoolers to our High School and were showing them a presentation of the prep (yes, prep) squad... blegh.

I saw my raver guys at the side of my eye, they were watching the presentaion because it was their work period and they had nowhere to go.

Well, I took a seat with them and we talked quietly. Then the pep squad starting pkaying some techno. Oh boy... did that draw us in!!

We tried so hard to suppress our sudden urges to rave right up front where the pep squad were trying to perform.

They eventually moved things out into the hallway because the drama arts teacher needed it. Being the starved weasles we were, the ravers and I followed along.

We stood against a wall nearby and listened to the booming of the techno beat they were teasing us with.

After five more minutes, we'd had enough. They handed me some glowsticks and we actually went up there infront of the pep squad and began to do our thing.

The middle schoolers were more interested in us then the pep squad, so the dance teacher didn't get mad at all. The teachers were just clapping and watching us.

After we were done, the little ones clapped and cheered. Before we left, Ms. Kinkaid asked us to give our opinions on drug awareness. We answered truthfully and basically told the kids that smoking kills... so occupy yourself with something better.

The little ones actually came up to see us and we ended up giving out the glowsticks to 'em. They were cute in a way. ^.^

Saying bye to the guys was hard because they kept asking if they were ever going to see me again. I told them that I'd stop by outside every A day to see 'em at lunch and after school... they were happy. It's hard to find fellow ravers at my school...

I went back to choir to get my stuff, Mr. Murphy never noticing I left in the first place, and left once the bell rang.

Hanging out outside, I took my seat on Matt where we conversed about the "Demented Cartoon Movie" and the "Banana Phone" song with my friend Vincent.

I was a bit too worn to run around with the guys and what-not, so sitting on Matt was comfy for the both of us. ^.^

I took the bus home, listening to my CD player while Ashley (A really stuck-up girl on my street) was attempting to tell me how mean her boyfriend was. I acted like I was listening by nodding my head to the music every now and then. It's funny how she can just talk on and on and not know that I was never listening in the first place.

I'm not interested in other peoples' relationships at all. Relationships are just a bit more drama, y'know? I don't mind being with someone I truly love, but one can live without a boyfriend or girlfriend. So I wanted nothing to do with her... plus... she's been very mean to me in the past.

I came home, fed my cat, washed the dishes, called Josh, ate a salad, and am now here typing this out. >.>

Well... I'ma go wait for Ian to give me a call or something. <3

Phlinx... I hope your week stays good. And I hope that all goes well. ^.^

And everyone else... have a great week as well! I love you all, y'know.

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