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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No More Drama!!
Time: 5:20 pm

Song: Oasis

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Fresh

I aplogize if this post isn't as long as some of the others have been in the past, but today wasn't a very active day at all.

Let's see... I slept in every singly one of my classes today.. and was passed out during lunch... so that pretty much leads on to how much I've slept in the past few days and what we've been doin' in school lately. xD;

Lame excuses for not sleeping: Too hot, I swear I've got insomnia, and I feel anxious for some reason. Must be the viagra... xD

As for the best friend issue, after crying forever infront of me and trying to get me to go out with her because she obviously loves that much, she finally began to ignore me. I just wasn't going to show how much I cared, because I'm an emotionless bitch at school. >.>

Today in choir, my senior friend Alex came into class to visit with me because we had a sub. I was asleep on the bleachers with a folder covering my face (Hey... everyone thought it was the funniest thing for some reason.) and he came in and called my name. I was listening to very loud techno at the time, so he shook me. After shaking me a bit, he pulled off the folder and hit me with it! The nerve... heheh...

I told him how I felt about the situation and Alex, being the nicest guy in the whole school, agreed to talk to my best friend about this whole ordeal.

After school, while me and Matt were being VERY perverted with a pepsi bottle and my wallet chain (I'll explain later. xD) She came up and told me that Alex had talked to her and that she realized that she needed to let me go and just stay friends after all. She seemed very happy, so all was well.

Back to the pepsi bottle and my chain...

Matt likes to do his signature move called "Hide-under-girl no jutsu" where whenever he does it, I sit on his stomach and he is "invisible" from the world. xD! Everyone just knows that he likes my company and enjoys me sitting on him.

Anyway... Matt had some Cherry Pepsi and he set the bottle down in between my legs, making it look like I had some extra equipment, and I thrusted my hips forward, making it look VERY bad.

Then he was messing with my wallet chain and I said, "Oh baby, yank my chain!" and he was like, "Woo hoo!" and kept tugging it.

I love Matt to death... he's so cool. He's got a very boring attitude, but is so funny with some of the things he says. x3

So... all turned out well in my life for the day. I got to sleep, got my best friend back, and got to be perverted with Matt! Woot!

I must be off... but before I leave... I just wanna let you know that... IAN CALLED ME!!! We talked for hours yesterday and he's such a cutie!! *Giddy schoolgirl squeal.* Eeee! *Cough.* Alright.. I'm back to normal now... *Blinks blankly.*

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