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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   Good News 'bout Akon.
Time: 3:50 pm

Song: Breathe

By: Sugar Ray

Mood: Anxious O.O;

Well, Akon slowly approaches and all seems to be getting better when it comes to gettin' my costume ready.

So far, I've saved about $89.79 for Akon this june. However, I have to use some of this money to buy the much needed items for my Kakashi costume once again.

The search for my chuunin vest ended yesterday as I found on on ebay for about $65.99! I'm about $26 short so far though due to shipping and handling... damnit.

I got the Icha Icha Paradise book from dear 'ol Phlinx (I still owe you, damnit!) so that's pretty much covered. I just have to take care of some of the creases on the cover of teh book and then all's good with that.

Next, I have to go by some pants that aren't so baggy this time around. I'm thinking of getting pants that are a bit tight fitting, but not oo much. Just enough to hide my gender. xD! Wal-mart will be my gracious supplier of these pants.

'Cours party city holds the hair spray that'll change my hair color. I'm probably gonna raid them of all their white hair spray like... two days before akon. >.>

Medical tape is a must for this convention. I'll avoid getting tape on any bad parts when taping my chest up a bit... xD! I dunno how many rolls I'm gonna buy.. I just know I'm gonna need a lot.

Sandals... bah... no luck with those sadly unless I can make a cover on some normal sandals that make it look close to Kakashi's. So.... I'm not sure about the sandals quite yet. x.x

Kunai holster.. that'll be easier to make by myself. I may have it, I may not.

So... let's see... I'll have: Chuunin vest, my ninjutsu mask, one kunai, white hair spray, medical tape, kunai holster, headband, possible sandals, gloves, a cosplay skit in the works, and a sexy Zabuza to hang around with! <3

Hopefully this year's Akon will be a bit better then last year's. I'm packing much more food with me and being sure to sneak a sip of water while no one's looking. Or I could just learn how eat food with lightening fast speed while no one's looking. True Kakashi style! xD.

Well... I best be off to convince my mom to bid on the vest I want. Ja(ne) all!

btw Phlinx: I know what to get you to pay you back, and if you don't accept it... I'll cry! >.>

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