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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   Here We Go Again!
Time: 7:20 PM

Song: "Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own"

By: U2

Mood: Light-hearted

Today was an all-out alright day. I woke up from my three hour nap at about 7:00AM this morning and began getting ready for work.

My hair decided it was going to be a bitch today, so my spikes were all over the place and got on my nerves so badly! Rawr! >.<

Getting to work about thirty minutes late (Not on purpose... I swear!) I had to think of as to why I was late. After responding with, "My cat needed to be fed and the traffic was a killer." I got let off of the penalty... ooh scary penalty!

I was greeted by my friend Josh at the consessions where I was forced to work for the day (Oh goody...) and got some popcorn thrown at me by my friend Jessica.

After working for what seemed like an eternity, but was only about two hours, we were allowed to take an hour lunch break! Woot!

We went out to Jessica's car with Josh, Chris (No Maki... not THAT Chris.)Crispy, and Koony. Well... being only five seats, we realized that we must on someone to sit in the trunk... not again. xD

After about five minutes of everyone trying to figure it out and me chasing birds in the parking lot, they decided on good 'ol me to be the one to ride in the trunk.

They pulled the seat forward a bit so I could put my head through it and be able to breath, and we were on our way.

We stopped at Taco Bell where we ordered almost everything off of the menu. We sat in Taco Bell creating a small riot.

Josh shoved a tomato part up his nose and couldn't get it out, Chris was constantly complaining about how the sauce wasn't hot enough, Jessica and Crispy were joking about butts for some stupid reason, and I was having a very interesting conversation with the wall. What?? Don't look at me like I'm crazy... I had been pushed up against the wall by Josh because we all crowded into one booth and the wall was very interesting. o.O

We had realized that our hour and a half was up and we were running late back to our shifts... boy was Jessica scared. I was in the trunk and the car was swirving all over the place. That and Josh was threatening to fart next to my face... whoo boy.

We got to work, got lectured, and continued our shifts. This time, behind the consession door, Tony grabbed my ass and said, "Ooh... you been working out, girl?" and guess what!! He got socked and thrown to the floor in a choke hold.

After scaring him and everyone else who was there to see it, the manager called us in and asked us about it. Tony lost his job, I got asked to tone it down with my abilities in martial arts.

Seth: 2 points

Sexual perverts: 0 points

The manager finally came to us and told us how well we've been working for the day and dismissed us since the day was moving pretty slow. Heheh... I feel sorry for the other workers who took our spots... the Ring 2 opened and everyone is just itching to watch it late at night. xD;

Hopping in Jessica's car with Josh (He's thinking of cosplaying as Chouji from Naruto.) Chris (He's gonna be Shikamaru from Naruto) and Crispy (She's gonna be Chii from Chobits at Akon) we all headed to the park to hang out for a while.

We all just sorta sat around in the park talking about plans for out trip to Akon. We all can't wait at all for Akon to come around the corner. I told them of how I'm saving money to buy myself a chuunin vest for my Kakashi outfit and they agreed to help me find a good vest that's not too expensive.

Then, out of nowhere, we saw this naked guy run straight across the playground we were occupying. xD!!

Jessica saw him and her eyes nearly bugged out of her skull. Josh covered his eyes, Chris was like, "wtf?" and Crispy was like, "Woa! Naked dude!"

When all was silent... I started laughing and made a comment about his size and how he shouldn't be advertising a defective instrument.. then all silence was lost as everyone broke down laughing.

After playing around in the park, Jessica decided that it's time for us to head home.

After a long drive home with blaring techno music, me taching Josh how to rave while sitting down, we drove up to my house and everyone waved as I ran up my driveway.

After playing with my cat, getting clawed up, cooking dinner, and discussing a little more of Akon with my parents, I headed upstairs to my room... which is where I am now. ^.^

Well... I'ma be off to practice some new ravin' moves for Akon this year and probably screw around on the phone with Ian (My sexy Zabuza). <33

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day, especially you Phlinx! Love you bro! <3

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