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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

   Match-making time!
Time: 7:03 PM

Song: Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

By: Lost Prophets

Current Mood: Oh so evil. ^.^

Well... today was my beginning of my evil match-making time! Maki thinks that my friend Chris is cute, so I decided to introduce her to him... bwaha.

It all started this morning when I saw Maki walking towards our little group in the morning. Having been draggin' Josh around the campus by a belt in my teeth (Don't ask.) I quickly let the belt go and grabbed her, dragging her over and litterally shoving her into Chris!

Maki was so kawaii! She looked like a clueless kitten in her owner's arms when Chris had his arms partly around her. She couldn't find anything to say while I introduced her to him and then she ran off to her class. Chris didn't know what was going on at the time... so it was all good.

During lunch, Chris came and said hi to us and hugged me. While he was hugging me, I told him to give Maki a hug and he did... after he walked away, she squealed really loudly! xD!!

At the end of the day, Maki had written him a note and let a girl give it to him. Upon hearing about this note, I hitched a ride on Mike's shoulders and ran up on the hill to find Chris. I asked Chris for the note and he let me read it... Maki, you're so cute!!!

I dragged Chris over to the side and told him to read the note. He was all hesitant about it and told me to read it to him... such a cutie! I read him the note and he was like: "Wow.. I gotta fangirl... finally, the man with the sword is acknowledged!!" and then he shoved the note in his pocket and ran off to wrestle with Mike.

Chris didn't seem to mind Maki giving him the note. He's a really shy guy, but sweet and caring as well. Who knows? Maybe I can pull this thing off and hook them up? Heheh.... afterall... Seth/Kakashi never gives up on a challenging mission!!!

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