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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

   Rainy Days Spent In Matt's Jacket
Time: 8:10 PM

Song: "So Cold"

By: Breaking Benjamin

Mood: Happy. ^.^

Well... today was a very rainy day, and as many of you friend know... I love rainy, cold days! *Clears her throat.* Anyways... today was a very good day when it comes to after school activities.

Well... today all started out terrible. I live ten miles away from my school and my dad kicked me out very early this morning.... so that left me with one choice... walk all the way to school with a thin coat and a cup of hot chocolate.

I eventually made it school, freezing, sniffling, and just down right tired. My friends all took me inside and tried to warm me up (they all love me so much.) So instead of staying outside, like we usually do, we stood inside and did our usual talking and what-not.

I headed off to dance once the bell rang and we had an okay time. Amanda and I just kind of stood outside the dance door so we didn't have to put up with the "prep-squad" and their stupid dances. Britanny, Danielle, Trinity, and Becca were in the practice rooms practicing their dance and I ran in and screamed really loud just to scare them. A few seconds later, Amanda walked into the room and said "Sorry about that." It was really funny at the time.

After preforming our musical theatre thing for the second time, everyone clapped and what-not. We got dressed out and walked to the B building to meet up with Yugi.

I walked to World Geography and we were trying to finish our "mapping" assignment... it has taken us about two weeks because the countries are sooo small! I managed to finish it while complaining to Mr. Rodriguez about "How sucky the assgnment was." and he laughed and patted my back... Mr. Rodriguez is so understanding.

After that, I went to English and we turned in our homework, wrote in our journals, watched a movie clip, and then the bell rang for me to go to lunch.

Lunch was pretty mild. We all barely talked, because we were so tired. Yugi gave me a massage and I felt overly lazy today, so I slept a bit during lunch as well. About five minutes before the bell rang to send us back to our classes, Yugi and I headed back upstairs and had a very intelligent conversation about trees and tomatoes.

I went back to English, finished up my journal, and slept for the rest of the class period. The bell rang and sent me off toe choir with Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy's a cool choir teacher. He's funny, makes fun of us, and dresses like a nerd and thinks it's cool. We worked on our new song "In the Bleak Mid Winter" and "Da Pacem Domine" a bit. Afterwards, he told us to turn in our money for the trip to Dallas in April. It's going to be a blast!

The bell rang, signalling our end of the day, and I left the choir classroom to discover the pouring rain outside. I pulled off my coat and held it over my head and walked outside.

Mike, Josh, Matt, Chris, and Joey were hanging out outside. And somehow, I managed to crawl inside Matt's over-sized black sweater-jacket. He zipped it up over me and we continued to walk up the hill to wait for our bus.

Matt's nickname is Itachi, and some call me Kakashi. So on the way to wait for our bus, I was still in his jacket and he kept moaning and saying "Ohhh Kakashi. You're warm!" and everyone around us were like: Ewww!

Yugi, Joey, and Alex had some umbrellas and we all gathered beneath them, me still in Matt's jacket. We all joked around and tried to keep warm.

Then it began to hail! I started to scream that we were all gonna die and Mike screamed out: Quick! I don't wanna die as a virgin! ORGY!! And we all started to laugh.

We saw a flash of lightening and soon enough, it was followed by a loud clapping of thunder. Over to the side, practically the whole school was gathered beneath the foyer place, leaving no room for us. So we were just this small group huddling together in the middle of the side-walk.

Matt watched out for busses and called the numbers out as they came. I looked around and called out "Hey!! Who's flashlight is poking me?!" and Matt was like "Uhm..." because his crotch was right behind my butt and it seemed like a good joke.. everyone had their share of laughs though. When my bus came, I un-zipped myself from his jacket, hugged everyone tightly, and dashed off to my bus in the pouring rain and hail!

The bus-ride home was funny. We spoke about old school dances and old songs that used to haunt our stereo's at young ages.

I ran home from two blocks away from my house and stepped through the door, soaking wet. My dad apologized for his actions and made me some hot chocolate to help me stop shivering. I watched AVP with my parents, after doing some homework, and now here I am!

Today turned out to be a very fun day. I'm glad that my friends are always here for me... they just make things much better.

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