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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

   The horrific Sub!!!
Time: 5:00 PM

Song: "Want You Bad"

By: Offspring

Mood: Happy. =^-^=

Today was a very interesting day actually. But I had the worst substitute ever today. Her name was Mrs. Carter and she had NO clue what to do at all today.

It all started in Algebra. We were all waiting outside of the door for Ms. Harms (Our normal teacher.) to show up. Then this very skinny old lady walks up to the class and screams "SHUT UP!!! I'm your sub for today... I expect your utmost respect."

My friend Ryan (His nickname is master and he is one funneh sucker!!) and I were inching away from her because we felt that she had an "evil aura" surrounding her!

She eventually whipped out the key and unlocked the classroom for us to get in. We all piled in and everyone scattered to sit wherever they wanted except for Ryan, Michael, and I.

She looked at all of us and I swear I saw a flash of pure hate in her eyes. She then proceeded to yell at us to sit down, take out our notes from last week and finish them.

After we all finished the notes on our own, (with a lot of students getting into trouble for switching seats and what not.) she gave us an assignment that we have NEVER seen in our entire life before and actually expected us to know what to do!

While me and Ryan were sneaking guesses back and forth, Chris's calculator wouldn't work. So he called the sub and she was all sarcastic with him and was like: "See the back of this calculator? Right there? That's where the batteries are... now some student may have re-arranged them for some stupid joke or the batteries just died."

After Chris stood there, looking at her like: "What do I do now?" he said: "Well... can I go get some replacement batteries from the supply box next to the desk?"

And she was: "NO!!! You stay right there! I have no reason to trust you!" and he stood there like: O.O;;

She went and replaced the batteries herself because... well.. us students just can't be trusted y'know? *Snickers.*

Well. Next, the sub lost her pencil. Ohhhhh boy! She blamed the person closest to the desk.. which happened to be Christina... and Christina has a BIG attitude.

After fighting with the sub about who stole the sub's pencil... Michael pointed to the floor and said, "Uhm... miss? Is that your pencil?" She looked at it and fumed, blaming Mike for taking it, and sent him to the office. He was grateful to leave though! XD!

I finished the worksheet by merely guessing as to what to do and turned it in. She looked from the sheet to me and said, "Did you copy this from someone?" and I simply said, "I don't speak English." XD!!!!

She glared at me and wrote my name down and said, "The next time I write your name down, I'm writing you up!" and I shrugged, saying, "I don't speak English." She told me to get away from her and I walked back to my desk smiling at Ryan, who was bursting with laughter!

Ryan wrote a note saying to me, "I'm allergic to dinosaurs... that's why I'm sneezing so much." And he meant that the sub was the dinosaur. I laughed and threw the note away. Then he wrote a note to me, saying "Poopshnazzle!!"

Well... the sub picked up the note and wrote Ryan up for "using slang in the classroom!" XD!!! What a silly dinosaur...

I started to laugh at my friend Randy because he was bending over infront of the sub's desk and shaking his butt. I know it's immature, but I thought it was funny at the time. She looked to me, not noticing Randy, and said "Why are you laughing young lady?" and I just stared at her with a blank expression. She stood and walked to my desk, while saying again "Why are laughing?!" and I laughed harder.

She put a hand on my desk, staring me straight in the eyes and I just shrugged, drawing a smily face on a piece of paper and giving it to her! She fumed and began to yell at me. "If this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny little girl!!!"

Well.... let's just say I hate being called "little" because I am a fairly mature person when I wanna be. So I glared at her and said, "If you expect respect from me, you're not heading in the right direction." She then spoke really softly, but in a mean fashion: "You little hoodlum..." and I pointed, screaming: "SLANG!!! OH GOD!! YOU'RE USING SLANG!!! I'M TELLIN'!!!" And she got fed up and wrote me up.

Before leaving, everyone started screaming "Bye Seth! Have fun!!" and I bowed, saying.. "Remember all... bologna is not for wearing!!"

The principle didn't do anything with me because she had already recieved so many students from that class and decided that the sub was writing students up for "bad causes". So that was pretty fun! XD!

At the end of the day, I saw a friend of mine that I haven't seen for four years. His name is Will and he was my "bodyguard" in sixth grade. I barely recognized him!

He was standing next to my bookbag and I looked at him and he looked at me. After two minutes of staring at each other, we both pointed and screamed each other's names and hugged tightly. I'm happy to be re-united with Will.

Today was a great day... for once... I had a REALLY good day...

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