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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Questions I have recieved about Furcadia
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Many have been PM-ing me and asking me about the Furcadia status symbol on my page just below my insane profile. So, I'm going to save myself from repeating myself over and over and just leave a post on it. Note: This is not an advertisiment, but merely letting everyone know what Furcadia is.

Furcadia is an online roleplaying community. Furcadia is absolutely free and is great for meeting furry lovers all over the world! I love to role-play all the time (I know it sounds nerdy of me, but role-playing is my way of getting away from life.)

Furcadia has a series of different dreams (portals) that other Furcadia players have made. You are free to actually "walk" your character around the various maps of Furcadia. It's almost like a mini world on your computer.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, and you have questions about Furcadia, please PM me and I'll answer questions you may have. Here's the link if you wish to read up on it. And if you join, please give me your name on Furcadia, and I will help you get started!!


I hope this post wasn't a pure waste of time and I'll least get others interested in Furcadia. I personally can't live without being on Furcadia everyday... I'm hooked. o.o;

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