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Sunday, January 16, 2005

   Random post... 'cuz I'm bored!
Time: 2:18 PM

Current song: "Return to Innocence" by: Enigma

Mood: Pure boredom... =x.x=

Well... things seem to be going well in my life on this boring sunday afternoon. The clouds are thinning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing... oh who am I kidding?!

I wish it would rain... better yet... a storm!! I could use the excitement.

Gods I hate sundays... nothing to do, but sit here and waste away on my computer.

Last night was pretty fun... I watched episodes 1-20 of Naruto, simply out of sheer boredom. I read a few fanfics, searched for some glorious pictures and drank a lot of coffee.

Y'know... if I continue this... this post may be the longest one yet!! *Cackles evily.* Now all of you must continue reading my disturbing thoughts!!!





Now I can't think of anything to say.... kuso (dang it)...

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