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Sunday, November 28, 2004

   Florida trip = DISASTER!!!
Well... I'm sure as everyone of my friends know, I went to Orlando, Florida for my Thanksgiving break. It was my father, mother, little brother, and I stuck in a little car, with no leg space, traveling for hours and hours. Now... I don't have the best relationship with my father... so all we pretty much did was argue all the time. My father was in an exceedingly bad mood because we were driving in nothing but rain and storms all the way to Tampa. So, aside from my father's constant bitching and PMS-ing, I was stuck playing my little brother's Pok'emon yellow version. I never got into the whole Pok'e-craze, so I didn't know what the hell to do when it said "Kadabra has fainted." I was like "WTF?! WHY?! I thought it was going to DIE! Not FAINT! Cheap childrens game..." My mother spent most of her time reading her romance novels while daydreaming about that "sexy" man in the book. And my little brother just drooled all over the place and ate all of my precious pocky! >.<; We spent two days in Orlando... riding rides 'n stuff. My father bought me a stuffed animal to suck up for being a grouch. Yes... I do collect stuffed animals... mostly wolves, cats, and foxes though. After our two days, we went to visit my great aunt Selma for Thanksgiving. THIS WOMAN TRIED TO MAKE ME FAT!!!! I swear, it was like every five minutes she would ask me if I was hungry or shove a big piece of cake in my face. Thanksgiving day was as boring as ever and I found myself missing my computer even more. I was stuffed after the Thanksgiving dinner, but got a piece of pumpkin pie shoved down my throat because aunt Selma thought I needed to gain weight. We left late Thanksgiving day and began out dreadful trip home. On the way home, dad yelled at me and I wasn't talking to him anymore. (He yelled at me for having my music turned up too loud on the headphones. -.-; ) So to suck up to me, he let me get volumes 2 and 3 of the Naruto manga. The rest of the trip was tiring, frustrating and just plain stupid. Well.... now that I'm done with my mindless ranting... I'm gonna go download some Naruto eps. Kakashi is so hot. I'm glad I'm home and on my computer again. =^-^=

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