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Friday, January 2, 2009

My goals
I wouldn't exactly call them New Year's Resolutions, because I normally don't keep up with those. I'm making a physical list to keep around in my purse with me so I can kinda check them off and keep them in mind as I go about my daily business.

Here they are:

- Make a permanent work out routine and don't get lazy. I've been having this problem forever now. I get started and everything's going fine and then I get lazy or make excuses not to work out.

- Actually start and COMPLETE all of these cosplay projects. They've been collecting dust for far too long.

- Keep my job. These paychecks will let me go to conventions when I want to.

- Stay away from cigarettes. Those little shits have been tempting me to start smoking again and it's not fun at all.

- Try to keep fruit and soymilk in the house at all times. God damn, my parents never buy fruit anymore and it's pissing me off. They just don't like soymilk at all, either. Laaaaame.

- Learn jumpstyle. Holy shit, I love the look and wanna learn it.

- Don't get lazy with college!!

tldr; I have a lot of shit to do this year.

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