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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of Gay Jokes and Rainbow Bibles
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Forgive me for this next post because I'm sure it'll offend SOMEONE anyway. Apparently personal opinions can only be followed by either, "I agree." or "You are an ungrateful wretch."

So if you get offended, I apologize. If you feel the need to flame me for this, kiss my ass.


So, recently both of my grandmas have passed away. Within the past two weeks, actually. Last week my dad was in Pennsylvania because his mother passed on and this week my parents spent three days in San Angelo because my stepmother's mom passed away on Saturday.

So I've kept pretty positive about the whole ordeal and have tried to be supportive for both of my parents. Let's leave it at this... my entire family (with the exception of my little brother and I) is Christian.

I, on the other hand, am Agnostic.

I came out and fully admitted this to my parents a while ago and though my father questioned as to how I came to my doubts about the existence of God, my parents accepted it. However...

I was not to tell my step grandmother about my Agnosticism as she would likely have a stroke and die because of the amount of blasphemy my words would hold. No grand child of hers was to be something other than Christian, apparently.

As for my dad's mother... I never talked to her. Literally.

I met the scary woman when I was 8 years old and I cried.

Back to my step grandma.

She was always a nice human being and she tried her best to buy things for me and Nick (little brother) that we would like for Christmas. One Christmas she even bought me some manga even though she didn't know what manga was.

And every year she always got me a cross or something religious. To make her happy, I'd wear the religious jewelry around her, but take it off as if it were the plague when I was out of her sight.

Nick did the same thing, as our parents requested it of us.

Not that religion disgusts me, as it is very interesting to study and it aids me in understanding other cultures and such...

I am not a fake person and I don't believe it is proper to wear something that represents a religion you don't believe in.

It's disrespectful to those that believe in the religion.

So, my parents returned from their three day long trip in San Angelo for grandma's funeral and they brought back some stuff.

And guess what Grandma left me and Nick?

A bible for each of us.

Not only a normal Bible, but this is the special RAINBOW edition.

It even has a little index of what the colors are. For example...

Say you want to find something about God's actions or sayings in the bible...


Homg... when my parents gave it to me, they didn't understand what they were doing.

They were handing me a weapon.

Now that things are highlighted in specific colors, I can go through and find it easier to point out contradictions in belief systems, bogus material, arguements that don't support what happens here in life (take evolution, for example).

It's all right in that book.

My mom asked me to hold onto it for a while for the sake of my deceased grandmother... so I will.

And I may even read it, as the Bible is a good story if you aren't trying to base your life off of it like many do.

So now I have new study material in the color of a rainbow.

Gee, Grandma... you're swell.


Once again, I am not trying to shove religion into anyone's face and I have no problem at all with Christians.

I am not Athiest.

I am Agnostic.

I am an open-minded person that just needs a little more proof other then a story book filled with morality.

So, try not to be too offended, alright?


The Bible

- Kawaii Seth

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